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How Technology Improves the Buying Experience

September 07 2011



This article comes to us from the DotLoop blog.

Younger generations probably already take the Internet for granted, but those of us who recall what life was like before the World Wide Web, we can appreciate the night-and-day difference this and other technologies have made in our lives. The biggest changes have arguably been the ability to communicate, view content and purchase products immediately. These capabilities have allowed many businesses to thrive after giving their buyers more power in the purchase.

Electronic Signatures
Most businesses offer their buyers the opportunity to purchase from their websites in a simple, secure fashion.  Electronic signaturesElectronic signatures make purchases instant and legally binding, inspiring more point-of-purchase decisions for buyers.  When buyers can purchase from the comfort of their own home, they feel more in control of the situation.

Interactive Marketing

With the advent of online video, many businesses have been rushing to produce short marketing videos that are shown on their websites and shared via social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Social media sites have made a big impact because they provide a place for people to more easily and personally interact with businesses.  i.e. “Likes” on Facebook often lead to discounts and special promotions for potential buyers interested in the product.

What it Means for REALTORS®

Home buyers and sellers of the future are more apt to using technology because they’ve become accustomed to the convenience and expect the point-and-click buying experience. For both REALTORS® and buyers, this couldn’t be more ideal because it makes an entire transaction interactiveinteractive, eliminating the need for unnecessary holdups such as paperwork and transporting documents back and forth.

Those who use technology effectively in their business are taking the steps to make the consumer experience more interactive and enjoyable.

Are you leveraging technology to please you customers?

Learn more on the DotLoop blog.Learn more on the DotLoop blog.