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Are you the best agent in town? How to use your benchmarks to win the listing

October 15 2017

rdc benchmarks win listing 1

Still using that broker-provided listing presentation you've had since day numero uno as an agent? It might be time to freshen it up a bit! If you really want to win the listing, you've got to stand out from the crowd —and jazzing up your listing presentation with some real data on your past performance might be just what you need.

Stop and smell the roses... I mean, the numbers

Take a peek at the average stats for agents in your local area—I'm talking average sold price, average days on market, average list vs. sold price, etc. Do your numbers beat the market norms?

If so, it's time to leverage that data to make a can't-deny-that impression with potential sellers.

You can grab this information direct from Market Snapshot® or via your local MLS reports. Heck, you can even screenshot it and drop it right into your listing presentation and you're #winning!

rdc benchmarks win listing 2

HINT: Use Jing for Windows or Mac, Snipping Tool on your PC, or Command + Shift + 4 on a Mac to grab the screenshots.

"Mr. Seller, the average number of days on market in your neighborhood is 136, yet my personal average of 92 days means I'm more likely to sell your home faster."

Who's arguing with that?

In fact, we just wrapped up the 2017 Results Summit where we held a "Consumers, Unplugged" panel. One of the top three things consumers wanted from their agents? You guessed it—more communication about data and stats (like days on market).

rdc benchmarks win listing 3

Shoutout to Valerie Garcia for her awesome panel recap on Facebook!

How do you win the listing?

Not every benchmark may be in your favor, but finding your strengths and promoting those with solid data can be just what's needed to help you stand out from the crowd. A potential seller might ask their neighbor's aunt (twice-removed) that used to be a real estate agent for their opinion on who to list with—but you've got the data, baby!

What stats have helped you win the listing? Tell us your bragging rights on our Facebook page!

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