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How to Break Away from Portals and Generate Your Own Leads

September 26 2017

Tired of relying on unreliable sources for real estate leads? It's time to generate your own and break away from the lackluster returns of other sources like property portals or print postcards.

This is easier—and cheaper—to do more than ever before, thanks to the highly targeted nature of online ad platforms like Facebook. The key to a successful real estate ad campaign? Landing pages, or the place you send prospects who click on your ad. These pages are designed to do one thing: give the lead something they want in exchange for something you want, typically their contact information so you can follow up.

Rather than building a landing page from scratch, you can lean on a variety of ready-made landing pages that are designed to convert. Today, we're going to explore one landing page solution that's highlighted in our 2017-18 Technology Guide2017-18 Technology Guide.

What Is Cloud Attract?

Cloud Attract offers real-estate specific landing pages that can be customized and branded to the agent or broker. Landing pages can be created in minutes by using pre-made templates or customizing a landing page of your own.


But the secret to a successful landing page, of course, is in giving the prospect something that they want. Cloud Attract does this by offering homeowners a free home valuation or CMA, and by offering potential buyers real-time listing alerts.

The home valuation/CMA capabilities are powered by Cloud CMA, a well-known CMA tool that many MLSs offer as a member benefit. A couple years ago, the folks at Cloud CMA realized that agents were only using their tool for leads they had already converted. Looking to help agents attract business with their CMA, the company added a free home valuation landing page to its feature list. This addition was popular, and agents began requesting the ability to customize their pages to make them hyper-local. These requests became the basis for Cloud Attract.

Cloud Attract serves home buyers, too, with landing page options that let prospects sign up for listing alerts of homes that match their criteria. This portion of Cloud Attract works with Cloud Streams, a tool that sends your contacts listing alerts and market updates in the company's typical sleek design style.

How Agents Can Leverage Cloud Attract

Agents can use Cloud Attract as the landing page for their Facebook or Google ads, for geographic farming campaigns, as a link in their email signature, as a way to add value to their website and capture leads, and much more.

Many agents are using Cloud Attract as a way to market to a specific niche. Agents can create unlimited landing pages in Cloud Attract, and use them to hyper-target every segment of customer that they serve. For example:

  • What's My Condo Worth?
  • What's My Dallas Home Worth?
  • What's My Ranch Property Worth?
  • Looking for a Miami Condo?
  • Looking for Investment Properties in Kansas City?

Once your niche landing page is set up, you can run targeted ad campaigns for each one, and track your results from Cloud Attract's dashboard:


Learn More

Want to see Cloud Attract in action? Watch the video recording of our webinar titled, Lead​ ​Follow​-up​ ​Secrets​ ​for​ ​Busy​ ​Agents.

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