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3 Potential Real Estate Applications for FourSquare

September 02 2011

When I closed my Facebook account for the first time, I swore to my friends, "never again." Then, 6 months later, I was back for more. Twitter was next. Then LinkedIn. But FourSquare? That's just silly, right? Wrong. Here are a few ways FourSquare could come into play for your real estate business.

(I'm going to get straight to the "good stuff" here; but, if you're unfamiliar with FourSquare, hang on until the end of the article and I'll give you an overview.)

1) Use your listings as locations.
Use your listings as locations on FourSquare and check-in at your listings. Offer incentives for showing agents and consumers to check-in. You can actually gain some insight about the number of times people view your listings as well as the number of times a specific agent/consumer returns.

Moreover, once you become the Mayor of your listing, you may have a bit of leverage in renewing the listing agreement if it expires. Even if another agent gets the listing away from you, you could continue to be the Mayor!

2) Use your office as a location.
Here's an opportunity to give your business a little more visibility. You can also encourage colleagues and happy customers to recommend your business.

When you check in at listings or at your office, be sure to post these updates on Facebook and/or Twitter. You're getting more exposure this way. But don't over do it. If you connect your FourSquare account to your other social media accounts, avoid posting every 14 minutes – just do it when your check-in counts in a positive way.

3) Demonstrate knowledge of your neighborhood.
When consumers are looking to buy or sell a house, having an agent that truly understands the neighborhood is a major plus. By checking-in at neighborhood hotspots and recommending local establishments, you are showing others that you really know your local area. Be sure to include quality into your check-ins – photos highlighting the location and comments about your favorite attributes.

Did I Move Too Fast?
Don't be embarrassed. Until recently, I had no idea what FourSquare is. The good news is that it's actually pretty simple. You use Foursquare on your Smartphone to "check in" at places. Connect with your friends to see what they're up to, share the interesting things you're doing, and make suggestions about local establishments. At the same time, FourSquare is a game where you can earn points and badges for your activities. Most people play for the game first, and the marketing second.

What Are Your Ideas?
Do you use FourSquare for your business? How do you do it?