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3 Steps to a 360-degree Real Estate Marketing Campaign

September 06 2017

While it can be said that the most successful real estate agents are those that work off of their network to get a constant flow of referral business, in reality that takes time. Most agents that can reliably depend on consistent referral business have had many years of practice. They've paid their dues and after relentlessly sticking with it, they are seeing the benefits.

la 3 steps 360 degree marketing campaign 1If you have not had that much time in the saddle, or you have not been that consistent throughout your career, this method of getting business will not work for you. Yes, you will get some referrals from your past clients and sphere, but it certainly won't be enough to sustain and grow your practice. So what is an agent to do that can't rely only on referral business but wants to get more clients? The answer is simple. Do more marketing.

First off, doing more marketing will help your bottom line—but it's important to point out that it will only help you if you have a methodical, thought out marketing plan to roll out in your marketplace. That's why it's critical that you plan your content strategy BEFORE you get started.

Second, you'll undoubtedly do at least two to three different types of marketing projects that fall across different media. As a result, you also have to make sure you've crafted your plan so that one type of marketing naturally leads to and leverages the next type of marketing. That way, you can truly have a full, 360-degree campaign.

A 3-Prong Approach to a 360º Campaign

Today, I'll share with you a fantastic and attainable way to put together a truly connected, 360-degree marketing campaign that ensures you will get more exposure and more qualified leads that turn into clients.

Step 1: Start with Postcards

No matter what anybody tells you, postcards are NOT dead. In fact, with today's technology and their affordable price point, postcards are basically a no-brainer. Below is an example of how it can work.

Set up a postcard campaign that leverages calls-to-action that lead people online for additional items of value.

la 3 steps 360 degree marketing campaign 2

The card above is a great example. This invitation to a high-end open house also has a call-to-action to go to a landing page and use a special offer code.

la 3 steps 360 degree marketing campaign 3

In this case, the offer code will give the homeowner an immediate home value for their property.

la 3 steps 360 degree marketing campaign 4

Step 2: Follow It up with Facebook Digital Farming

To further extend your footprint in your marketplace, a great way to burn your brand in homeowners' heads is to reinforce your print marketing by doing simultaneous digital farming to your area via Facebook.

la 3 steps 360 degree marketing campaign 5

Above is a sample of a farming ad you can run to generate seller leads in your farm area. The ads you run have to be concise and have to have a call to action with an immediate payout for the homeowner. If you follow those guidelines, you will generate leads that you can cultivate and turn into clients.

Step 3: Use Retargeting Campaigns to Further Cultivate Potential Leads

Lastly, using steps one and two, you can launch a retargeting campaign that help cultivate the leads that have either visited your postcard landing page or clicked on your Facebook ads. How do you do this, you ask? It's simple. Ad retargeting.

While a proper ad retargeting campaign is always my favorite way to do things, the Facebook retargeting ads are super simple, as well. All it requires is the Facebook Pixel.

la 3 steps 360 degree marketing campaign 6

Setting these campaigns up allows you to drip more content on people that engaged with your campaigns, allowing them to learn more about you, and then prompting them to call you for a listing presentation when they are ready to sell their home.

These three things work beautifully together. This combination of things is something we see too few real estate agents taking advantage of. Many of these agents, coincidentally, are the same agents we hear lamenting that they need more clients. Get your campaigns planned and set up correctly, and you'll never be looking for more business.

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