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2 Winning Points Behind Happy Grasshopper

September 02 2011

The concept behind Happy Grasshopper is wonderfully simple. So simple, in fact, that I was a little confused. To make sure I understood completely what this innovative company has to offer, I sat down with Celeste Grupman of Happy Grasshopper. She explained that Happy Grasshopper keeps agents connected with their sphere in meaningful ways. After our conversation, I decided to go straight to the people who have seen the service in action – real customers.

The Basic Grasshopper
Mrs. Grupman explains, "Agents know they need to keep in touch, but they get busy doing other things and ongoing communication starts to slip. That's where Happy Grasshopper comes in."

"Simplicity is key to Happy Grasshopper," Mrs. Grupman continues. "Our professional writers create email messages that look like our customers sent them directly from their mail client. The brief, 3-line emails aren't about the client or their industry; they are simply timely, engaging messages crafted to generate a better response than a longer email. The messages are written specifically to get a conversation going. The result: about twice the open rate of other emails."

That simplicity is consistent from the very beginning. "Once you upload your contacts, you're done," says Mrs. Grupman. "We automatically create a message and our clients can edit it or just leave it alone."

It sounds wonderful, but does it really work? We talked to Happy Grasshopper customers to find out. Here are the two key points they all seemed to agree upon.

1) Happy Grasshopper Builds Relationships.
John Esplana is a real estate professional and the Co-Founder of WorkSmartBeSmartWorkSmartBeSmart (a company that offers agents a plug-n-play system to generate and follow-up on leads). He uses Happy Grasshopper in his real estate business to "build relationship equity."

Of Happy Grasshopper messages, he says, "The people in my database love it. They don't want to hear about real estate all the time; I need to provide other value. I don't care what they contact me about; I just want them to talk to me." For example, Mr. Esplana's most recent email was a humorous piece about a skeleton found in a basement. Prior to that was an email about iPhone apps.

"When one of the Happy Grasshopper emails go out, I can count on a number of responses," says Mr. Esplana. "For example, with the most recent email, I received 10 responses within the first 2 hours. I have 255 people on my email list and I see a 60% open rate with my Happy Grasshopper emails." This is just the kind of engagement John wants with his customers.

This sentiment was shared by Cheri Diehl, owner and broker at Discovery Coast Real EstateDiscovery Coast Real Estate. She says, "I always look forward to getting my new Happy Grasshopper email to review because I know I'll be hearing from people after they get it. The one that went out right before the 4th of July was the best! It had a recipe and I got a lot of comments from people saying they were going to try it."

It is not all about real estate, it is about staying involved in conversations with customers online. Robert Schlederer of MNSMNS looks back on his most recent Happy Grasshopper email, "I received a number of replies and at least half were actually opened. The feedback was great. People actually took the time to read the email and I am hopeful that this will keep me in their minds – as opposed to sending them some market report or other dry content."

2) Happy Grasshopper Saves Time and Money.
Mr. Esplana explains, "With Happy Grasshopper, I'm able to leverage other peoples' skill so I can stay focused on what I do best. When I speak to my clients at WorkSmartBeSmart, I tell them that they shouldn't be wasting their time on things that are not part of their income-producing activities; it's like taking an athlete off the playing field."

Donna Barron of Y Us Realty mentioned that Happy Grasshopper also saves her money. "I had to find something affordable. Postage is prohibitive these days. Keeping new and interesting emails going out on a monthly basis would be costly in precious time, time that I need to devote to my current sellers and buyers."

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