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Tips for Real Estate Marketing on Holiday Weekends

August 30 2017

delta marketing on holiday weekends

When a holiday weekend arrives, the first instinct for many is to break out the flip-flops, fire up the grill, and say goodbye to the working world for a few days.

As a real estate agent, there's a good chance you'll still be thinking business when a holiday rolls around. There are interesting marketing opportunities that arise on holiday weekends, along with potential opportunities to meet with busy clients who are able to take time off during the holidays. With a bit of planning and effort, you can take advantage of those real estate marketing opportunities while still leaving time to enjoy your favorite holiday weekends.

Holiday Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Holiday weekends are great because they provide a break from the usual schedule. Your target audience will be taking time off from work (and home shopping) to travel, but others will be using that extra time to complete important tasks that don't fit into their usual schedule.

Is It Worth It to Have an Open House on a Holiday Weekend?

This is naturally one of the first questions that come up about marketing on holiday weekends, and you'll find a wide range of opinions on whether holiday open houses are worth the effort. It really comes down to knowing your audience, and doing a bit of research to see whether staging a holiday open house will be worth it in your community. One benefit to holiday open houses is that the buyers who do come out are often quite serious in their search for a home.

The Best of Both Worlds

There is definitely no rule that says real estate marketing has to be boring, and holiday weekends are a great time to have some fun while earning new business in the process. So why not throw a fun holiday party that also works as a showcase for your real estate brand? Summer holiday weekends are great for this sort of event, because you can stage the party outside, fire up the grill, and set up fun, low-cost outdoor activities for your attendees to enjoy.

Remember the Meaning of Holidays

When you're working on your holiday weekend marketing, it's important to keep the purpose of the holiday in mind. Holidays that honor the military, labor, or important religious dates should always be treated with the proper respect. But it's not all about being serious. Remembering the meaning of holidays will also help you come up with interesting marketing ideas that relate to each holiday weekend.

Reaching Out

If you've got travel plans of your own or will be otherwise occupied during a holiday weekend, you can still make some time for marketing to leads that might be difficult to reach during normal weekends. Post about the holiday on your social media pages, blog about it on your website, and consider sending a holiday-themed email blast. If you haven't heard from a lead or client in a while, holiday weekends also provide a great excuse to get back in touch. Almost all of your holiday real estate marketing outreach can be set up before the big weekend arrives, so you can have everything ready before you enjoy some time off.

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