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The 12 Top Real Estate Podcasts

August 29 2017

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If we've learned anything, it's that podcasts are here... and they're here to stay. They've simultaneously brought back the art of the classic radio show in episodic form, or serial, as well as given voice to a lot of experts in fields that may not have necessarily had an outlet or voice before podcasts entered the scene.

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Now, what good is this for you, a real estate agent? The rise of podcasts' popularity has been large in part due to the fact that the information is easily digestible while on the go—and whether you're listening on your daily commute to and from work, or listening to your favorite podcast while cooking dinner, podcasts have become the perfect multi-tasking information source. Perfect, if you ask us, for real estate agents who live largely on their mobile devices or in their car, and who might just need a diversion or an information boost from fellow agents and real estate professionals.

That's why we pulled together this list of the top real estate podcasts.

Top real estate podcasts to start listening to today:

In no specific order, we pulled together some of the top real estate podcasts for agents—and BONUS!, scroll all the way through for two real estate podcasts for buyers and sellers that are great to recommend to your clients.

1. Agent Caffeine

Host Kelly Mitchell, an entrepreneur and the founder of Agent Caffeine, has been listed on Inman's 100 Most Influential in 2013 and 2014 and produces Agent Caffeine as an interview show with innovators and influencers in the real estate world.

2. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Tim and Julie Harris host the Real Estate Coaching Radio show every weekday and share their own award winning insights into the real estate coaching world, as well as industry news and interviews with real estate influencers. Perfect for agents and brokers alike, especially if you're looking for daily insights and updates from other real estate professionals.

3. Modern American Realtor

Wright brothers Corey and Casey are second generation real estate brokers and experts in online marketing. Their weekly podcast is aimed at agents and real estate professionals looking for tips and tools to remain competitive in the ever-changing real estate landscape.

4. Mobile Agent TV

The Mobile Agent podcast is focused exclusively on RE/MAX real estate agents and is co-hosted by David Fauquier of RE/MAX Preferred Professionals and Michael Thorne of RE/MAX Little Oak. The weekly podcasts features guests from coast to coast who share their insights in the real estate industry for RE/MAX agents.

5. Unlisted with Brad Inman

Yes, that Inman, as in Inman News. Brad is the sole owner and founder of Inman and the host of Unlisted, where he interviews fellow real estate moguls and experts in the real estate profession. While he hasn't released a new episode in a while, there's plenty of content in there to keep you busy for quite some time.

6. The Real Estate Strategies Lab Podcasts

Host Jeff Coga shares his successful insights, tips, and strategies for both online and offline marketing to generating buyer and seller leads for your real estate business. His goal is to provide the means to allow you to streamline these processes in order to leave you the time and energy to focus on the important stuff—your clients.

7. Real Estate Rockstar Radio

Pat Hiban, the successful real estate agent and author of the New York Times best selling book, 6 steps to 7 figures: A Real Estate Professional's Guide Building Wealth and Creating Your Destiny, created his podcast with the goal of mentoring and sharing the wisdom he had gained over the years in the real estate profession. Each episode features an interview with a 'real estate rockstar,' from agents to brokers, and investors, you'll hear from them all here.

8. Eye On Real Estate

Host Dottie Herman, the CEO of Douglas Elliman, is a long standing NYC successful real estate agent. Her radio show Eye on Real Estate, which can be heard live on AM970 in NYC or the podcast version to be listened to at your leisure, covers all things real estate, from trends to mortgage rates and more.

9. Top Agent Playbook

Ray Wood is a successful Australian real estate agent and the founder and CEO of Bestagents Real Estate Group in Sydney, Australia. He interviews a wide range of guests from both the real estate world and beyond to bring insights and strategies to make real estate agents all the more successful.

10. Real Estate Success Rocks

Real Estate Success was founded by Patrick Lily, who was looking for a way to create more meaningful ways to exchange information than the usual conference circuits he was attending. The podcast is aimed at agents who are looking to both improve their business and their lives with insights from successful entrepreneurs and business people from both within and outside the real estate community.

11. Real Estate Pros Podcast

Australian real estate agent Josh Cobb hosts the Real Estate Pros Podcast 'for real people working in real estate.' Josh's weekly show features interviews with real estate industry experts and other real estate pros for anyone who's looking for industry insights and tips.

12. REal RElationships

Last but not least is Contactually CEO Zvi Band's podcast REal RElationships. In each episode, Zvi interviews a professional, real estate or otherwise, on how relationships have helped to shape and further grow their businesses.

BONUS real estate podcasts for buyers and sellers:

Share these podcasts with your clients who may be looking to learn more about the real estate industry, how the market is faring, and even information on how to best invest in real estate.

1. Real Estate Today

Produced by NAR, this podcast is perfect for buyers and sellers looking to learn more about the real estate market from experts on everything from field reports to the market conditions, and even the option to call in and ask questions yourself.

2. BiggerPockets Podcast

Hosted by founder and CEO of BiggerPockets Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner, a real estate investor, this podcast is for those folks who are looking to dive into the world of real estate investing, or those who are already there and are looking for tips to improve their investment game.

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