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Your (Rest of) 2017 Content Road Map

August 28 2017

hdc rest of 2017 content road map

August kicks off one of the best times of the year with so many different things to celebrate! If you think about it, it's really an advertiser's dream. Back to school is in full swing, then we start the transition to all things fall and pumpkin spice related, and before you know it, it's 1-2-3 Halloween, Thanksgiving, and winter holidays.

It's not only a ton of fun, it can also help you win business and continue to assert yourself as the local expert. By taking advantage of the splendors of the season, you have a built-in content strategy ready to make your business social sites a thriving (and fun) place to be. Think of this as a play-by-play or tutorial for what and how to post for the rest of the year, as well as what to look forward to each month! And, of course, I won't leave ya hanging—there are going to be examples to help you close out 2017 as strong as ever.


To me, August is synonymous with back to school, as well as the scurry of anxious buyers eager to lock in a new home before their children start the school year. This, my friends, creates such a fun win-win content strategy for you! If you like to work, or want to get more business in certain neighborhoods, incorporate school supply lists into your content strategy. This shows that you are both knowledgeable of the areas you serve and a friend to the community. Use this time of year to talk about listings or even publish CMA reports about certain school districts to help increase your credibility.

You could also take this a step further with a more altruistic approach and get your office on board with a school supply drive. Make your office a drop-off location for a local organization that helps provide school essentials for underprivileged and at risk youth. This makes for a great PR opportunity and allows you to give back to your community. People love working with an agent or broker who cares about the success of the community!


Ahhhh, September. The air starts to get cooler, it gets darker just a little earlier every day, school is back, and football season is kicking off! All of these things (my favorite things) help carry your content strategy through September. If you chose to sponsor a back to school drive in August, post about the success of it in early September. For example, include just how many pencils or reams of paper were generously donated.

September also means that football season is in full swing for every level of football. Sure, we all live for (or at least me) college game day, but utilize September to shine a local spotlight on high school teams or even pee-wee leagues. Talk about the great opportunities athletes have at certain high schools to advance their athletic careers to college and beyond. Also, pee-wee leagues are an all but untapped source of great content and social media posts. A group of tiny kids in big pads is the kind of image built for social media, and few other media outlets cover these local events. Remember, your business social media sites don't need to be all listings; brief status updates that take time to honor the great communities you serve show that you care!

With all the fun football talk aside, a real estate-centric holiday is National Good Neighbor Day on September 28. Dedicate this day of your content to celebrating just that! Share business success stories of past clients who absolutely love where they live, the sense of community, and the neighbors they were lucky to inherit. Sure, it will take a bit of legwork, but to prospective clients, it will be HUGE knowing that you can help them find both their dream home and a great community for their families to call home.


October. Everyone's favorite month. It really should be renamed to Pumpkin Spice Month. But October is so much more than delicious lattes, and is a great time to let your local flair shine! There are so many events and fundraisers happening that your content essentially writes itself. October is also widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this could be a great opportunity to showcase what you or your office are doing to help support those efforts. Whether you are pulling together a team to run in a race to find the cure, or eating a lot of yogurt and saving the lids, post about it.

You can also utilize October to educate your online audience about the fall real estate market, what it takes to help get your home sold before 2018 (besides working with you!), or even curb appeal best practices. With so much changing, October is a great time to start forecasting ideas about the 2018 markets and what is in store there. Everyone loves a good mystery, especially during Halloween!

Also, we can't talk about October without discussing my all-time favorite holiday, Halloween. Halloween may not be for everyone, but there can still be an aspect of good-hearted fun associated with your content. Post events in the community about trunk or treat events and Fall Carnivals. This is your chance to assert yourself as the expert who knows what's happening in your community.


If you've noticed a theme each month around charitable giving, congratulations! November is where you can really take that awareness to a new level to start inspiring members of your online community to plan holiday giving. After all, many charitable agencies need physical and monetary donations to be complete by the second week of December, so now is the time to start planting that seed and creating awareness around certain charitable agencies' needs.

Another great strategy for November is to share how thankful you are for your community. Use this month to highlight the great vendors you work with to make each real estate transaction a success. From your home inspectors and preferred lenders to your painters, everyone deserves a place at the table in your November content strategy.


December in real estate is a tricky thing, isn't it? On one hand, no one wants to list their home during the holidays (except for my husband and me back in 2015) and uproot their families during a season synonymous with home. On the other hand, buyers are SCRAMBLING to find and CLOSE on a home before the holidays. Allow your content strategy to speak to both sides of the spectrum of this business. Seek out content geared towards sellers to help motivate them to start preparing their homes to sell at the beginning of 2018, while also publishing content to help put stressed out buyers at ease during a frantic house hunt!

Also take time this holiday season to talk about past business successes. Get testimonials from past clients about how happy they are to be in their home for the holidays and what their home means to them. Creating a mini-series about this is impactful and, again, shows your prospective clients how you go above and beyond for your customers season after season!

Don't forget it is the holidays—be in the know and spread good tidings and cheer. Posting about light shows, special concerts, and opportunities for folks to give back to the community is one of your safest bets for the holiday season and will generate great engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares from your online community!

So there you have it, folks: your complete content strategy road map for the remainder of 2017. If you're looking to rebrand or are trying to take your social media strategy more seriously, now is the time. What I like the most about this time of year is that it is fun, and when you let elements of fun shine on your business social sites, everyone wins!

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