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Agents, It's Time to Shrug Off the Golden Rule of Parenting: Being Fair

August 31 2011

"Mom, you gave her a bigger piece of cake than me!" It's a refrain we've been guilty of ourselves in our youth and have, if we're parents, heard from our children. Moms and dads learn early on that they must, at all costs, "be fair." If you've gotten in the habit, good for you! Now get out of it! When you put on your "REALTOR® hat," you need to drop the idea of being fair. Do what it takes to be #1.

We talked to Walt Baczkowski, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Point2. Walt is the expert who propounded this interesting theory. But, at Point2, it's more than a theory; it's a guiding principle.

"You know," says Mr. Baczkowski, "everyone talks about the importance of being fair. But, when it comes to running a real estate business, fairness needs to go out the window. As a REALTOR®, do you want to walk away without the listing in fifty percent of your presentations? How about losing fifty percent of your contract presentations? Isn't that being fair? Divide with everyone equally? If you're in the real estate profession, you want an edge, something that gives you the advantage. At Point2, we do it by offering a variety of products and tools to give REALTORS® an edge."

Mr. Baczkowski explains that Point2 Agent and the new Point2 Express Tools help agents throw "fair" out the window in 4 key scenarios.

1) Point2 Agent allows agents to show sellers how their listing has appeared on all of the sites Point2 syndicates to. This helps to address homeowners who often complain that they "can't find" their listing. It turns what could be a frustrating experience into an advantage for the agent.

2) With Point2 products, agents can manage homeowners' frequently unrealistic listing price expectations. How? They can explain that, while it is not a recommended strategy, they will list the home at the client's chosen price for 30 days. At the end of that time, with help from Point2 analytical tools, the agent can report on exactly how many people have viewed the listing.

"Your home has been viewed 15 times but we haven't received a single offer" is a good way to begin a conversation about price reduction.

3) Agents can also review a buyer's search history and get a head start on understanding their priorities. "If you have seen that a prospective purchaser has consistently spent more time looking at photos of kitchens or the views from the property, this information will assist the agent in selecting future listings for this prospect to view."

4) There is additional information available in analyzing results from the mortgage calculator as well as information on areas and types of homes viewed.

After analyzing the information available, the REALTOR® is able to show the prospective purchaser homes that fit their needs as determined by their own search criteria. The REALTOR®, at the very first meeting, has a multitude of insightful information regarding the purchaser's needs, wants, and desires. This edge will make the customer more comfortable as the REALTOR® demonstrates understanding of their requirements and shows them properties that meet their needs.

Mr. Baczkowski explains that, "These are only a few of the technologies available through Point2 products that are designed to give users an unfair advantage in the marketplace." He concludes, "An old line from the movie 'The Untouchables' said 'you don't want to bring a knife to a gun fight.' Point2 products give REALTORS® an edge with the tools they need to succeed in today's real estate industry."