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You Know You're Working with a Good REALTOR® if...

August 31 2011



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Here's another wonderful post form the DotLoop blog.

Buying real estate is always a major investment. Even if the property in question is relatively inexpensive, the buyer needs to consider factors such as property taxes, restrictions on development, how much it will increase in value and whether they’ll be able to sell it in the future.

This major investment is highlighted by the fact that many people buy property just once or twice in their lifetime. For these reasons, finding a good REALTOR® becomes just as important as finding the right property.

Here are three signs to look for when searching for a REALTOR®:


Honesty- Favorable references from a REALTOR'S® past clients are usually a good indicator you’re working with someone honest.  Who in their right mind would recommend a shady REALTOR®? If the REALTOR® isn’t entirely open about who they are, or seem to be withholding important information about properties, they probably aren’t keeping your best interests in mind.

Good communication- Interpersonal skills go a long way in real estate. Whether or not the REALTOR® promptly returns all of your calls or messages is extremely important. He or she should makes efforts to keep you in the loop in the loop about potential buyers or good leads on properties that fit you best.

Real Estate Management Software- The technology that a REALTOR® uses doesn’t necessarily make them a good one, but it’s a fair measure of success. Buyers also benefit from REALTORS® who use software designed expedite transactionsexpedite transactions because it makes the process of buying and selling property much easier and more transparent.

Whether a REALTOR® works in a paperlesspaperless office environment or not, watch for the signs mentioned above to find the best person for buying or selling property.

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