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5 Ways to Use Twitter to Drive Real Estate Leads

July 19 2017

wolfnet 5 ways use twitter drive real estate leads

Twitter is not just for President Trump. It's great for real estate agents, too! Many business owners use Twitter to connect with customers and to generate leads.

Twitter offers a great platform for finding new real estate clients. Similar to real estate marketing on Facebook, there is a fairly easy and foolproof process you can use to do this on Twitter.

Offer Free Stuff

Honestly, who doesn't love free stuff? We all do. Successful lead generation on Twitter starts with a compelling free offer. This doesn't have to cost you a lot out of pocket, but it may require a little bit of time. Real estate agents can create a free report or a video that highlights tips for selling a home, how to find the right neighborhood, how to price your home for sale, and a whole host of other interesting topics.

Educate the Customer

The "free stuff" is most effective when it is geared toward educating the customer. The goal should be getting home buyers and sellers to change the way they're approaching something and why they need to make the change to see better results. The report or video should not be lengthy. Make it short and compelling. You're just trying to entice new clients to visit your site, nothing else.

Think about providing content around "Why right now is the right time to buy because interest rates are going to be on the rise," or "Why right now is the right time to sell because demand is higher than supply."

Create a great landing page

If you create a free report or video, you need to direct traffic from Twitter to a landing page. Twitter only allows short posts, so you can create an air of mystery that makes people want to go to your landing page. Pose the problem as a question, add the link, and Tweet away. Use a URL shortener software like to save characters.

What's a landing page? It is a page on your real estate site that only has content and little other distractions. If you have the ability, testing a landing page without a navigation menu is a good idea. You might put one picture, but don't clutter the page. Your landing page should not be your home page.

Your landing page serves one purpose, and that is converting website visitors into potential new real estate clients. This page should have a big, bold headline and a short description of what the report or video entails. A link to the report or video should be clearly visible, but you want visitors to fill out a web form first to capture their contact (lead generation) information. After they submit this info, your redirect page should look identical to your landing page, and it should make the report or video clearly visible. Be sure to include a "thank you" for visiting the site.

Link your email to the Twitter-landing page chain

Now that you have captured an email address for this potential new customer who has just downloaded your report, send that customer an email auto-response. Thank them for downloading the report and joining your email list, and direct them to your home page.

After that, send a few reminder emails spaced every other day or two. These emails need to continue the theme of the report or video, and expand upon why the customer has the problem. Also make it clear that the problem is not insurmountable—it can indeed be solved (with your help, of course). You can share client testimonials of others who have had the problem and solved it with your expertise. Still, resist the urge to solve the problem—you want them to hire you to solve it!

Use Twitter Ads

While Twitter offers many different advertising options, the one you should consider allows you to promote your Tweets to potential clients who will visit and take action on your website. Once on your website, those clients could then view properties and provide their information to you. The best part is you only pay for the number of website link clicks!

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