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Steal this Idea! How to Generate 300 Leads with Cloud CMA

July 13 2017

cloud cma steal generate 300 leads

It's no secret that the key to your success in real estate is how quickly you can generate seller leads. But how do you do that? While there isn't just one road to success, we had the opportunity to interview a local Orange County agent who has it figured out.

Since getting into the business in 2011, Ray Fernandez has sold over 150 homes, made $135 million in sales, and has generated over 300 leads using Cloud CMA!

So, how did he do it? Here are the four things Ray focuses on so he can generate more seller leads:

1. Be Everywhere

In order to keep a steady flow of leads coming in, Ray knows that people need to see his face and brand everywhere. Ray approaches all types of marketing – online, print, and even billboards.

2. Use Cloud CMA's "What's My Home Worth?" Landing Page

Cloud CMA has been a helpful tool for Ray, especially the "What's My Home Worth?" landing page, which comes FREE with your Cloud CMA subscription. You are able to promote and advertise these landing pages everywhereadvertise these landing pages everywhere – in email signatures, your website, and on social media.

3. Don't Forget Print Advertising

A lot of agents think that print materialsprint materials are a thing of the past, but they are still a great way to target potential clients. Ray's plan consists of adding a QR code or a shortened URL link of his "What's My Home Worth?" landing page to flyers and brochures. While door-knocking or during open houses, Ray is able to pass these print materials to prospective clients and, voila!, instant seller leads.

4. Create a Plan to Follow-Up with Leads

Ray knows that consumers expect a response right away, so when he gets a new lead, he copies pre-written emails from the notes app on his phone and responds to that lead within minutes. You can also use a CRM to auto-respond for you so you can follow-up with your leads quickly.

Follow these tips, and you will be sure to start winning more business.

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