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Top Summer 2017 Selling and Listing Trends

July 09 2017

What's hot in real estate trends? Sales! And there's no segment hotter than the ever-dwindling starter home market. Moving at a furious pace, the 2017 summer buying season has shaped up to be uber-competitive, and the breakneck pace is the fastest seen in decades, according to economic research at

A Record-High Number of Buyers

With a record-high number of buyers pounding the pavement, homes are flying off the market. Median days on the market for homes on have dropped to the lowest levels since the end of the recession. One of three homes is selling in under 30 days nationally – five days faster than last year and two days faster than last month.

Overall, May sales maintained momentum, with homes moving 8 percent faster than last year. With prices reaching double-digit growth, buyers are running out of options.

A Record-Low Number of (Affordable) Homes

Can everyone say 'supply and demand'? Residential real estate prices soared to new heights in May with for-sale inventory experiencing extremely limited growth according to data. And it doesn't appear there's an end to the inventory shortage in sight.

Nationwide median home prices broke $250,000 for the first time earlier in the spring, and are now reaching $275,000 – a whopping 10 percent higher than one year ago. This lack of affordable housing will remain a critical issue for millennials and other first-time home buyers, as well as retirees looking to downsize to urban dwellings and starter-sized homes.

What about the Spring Inventory Increase?

Real estate trends point to late spring showing a total inventory increase, with 560,000 new listings hitting the market in May. However, inventory still remains substantially lower than one year ago. That which is not priced beyond the reach of the average buyer is quickly being snatched up.

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