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8 No-Fuss Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Try this June

June 08 2017

Are there tumbleweeds blowing through your blog? Is your Facebook business page gathering dust?

For many agents, the biggest hurdle to an active online presence is figuring out what to post. And that's totally valid—you're busy doing at least 184 different things for your clients. But if you neglect your blog or various social accounts, you risk prospects thinking that you're either out of business or a bit careless. So lock up (set to private) or delete the profiles you don't use, and commit to a consistent posting schedule on the platforms you do use.

Fortunately, June is a month rich in post ideas for real estate (it is National Homeownership month, after all!), so getting started should be easy. To make it even easier, we've outlined a bunch of blog and social media post ideas you can use to rejuvenate your online presence. Take a look at the ideas below:

1. National Homeownership Month

One quick way to rev up your social media presence is by following and participating in conversations around relevant hashtags.

For example, June is National Homeownership Month, "a time to reflect upon the impact owning a home has on household wealth, neighborhood stability and the nation’s broader economic health," according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This year's theme is "Find Your Place in a New Era of Homeownership," and you can follow National Homeownership Month activities at the Twitter hashtag #FindYourPlace.

Follow that hashtag and retweet posts that are likely to interest your followers, and join in on the conversation by tweeting your own posts with that hashtag or responding to others' posts. According to HUD, a major focus this month will be on the challenges Millennials face entering the housing market and affordable housing, so keep these topics in mind when crafting your tweets.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is getting in on the action this month, too. They've set up a website at and will be tweeting using the hashtag #HomeOwnershipMonth. Follow along (and jump in!) with them on Twitter or Facebook.

Last but not least, don't forget to add a call-to-action in blog entries or longer social media posts that tells consumers to contact you with any questions about buying a home or homeownership.

2. National Healthy Homes Month

Whereas the first idea is perfect for engaging with first-time and prospective home buyers, National Healthy Homes Month (another HUD designation) is great for connecting with existing homeowners and past clients.

Write social media or blog posts about how to keep a home "healthy," e.g., keeping it pest-free, ventilated, and checking for hazards like lead paint, radon, etc. Write posts about proper home maintenance, preparing your home or yard for summer, or common things homeowners overlook when caring for their home.

HUD is offering a new focus every week of the month, and you can join in by creating posts around these weekly topics (learn more in HUD's Planning Guide):

  • Give Your Home a Check Up (June 4-10) - Start with the home and know what issues may be impacting the family’s health.
  • Get Mobile! (June 11-17) - Download the Healthy Homes Basics app to learn about hazards that are a moving target like pets and pests!
  • Best Medicine (June 18-24) - Ask your doctor questions and get screenings that connect your health to your home.
  • Feeling Good about Home Safety: What all ages need to know (June 25-30) - Healthy Homes is for all ages and there is always something to make a home a better place for families to live, work and play!

There's an app to go along with National Healthy Homes Month: the Healthy Homes app (for iOS and Android). Consumers can use it to identify potential hazards in their home and get advice on how to fix it. Share this app with your clients on your social media accounts or blog—it's an offering that will surely be helpful to them!

3. National Safety Month

Yes, June has one more 'National Something Month' that we'll go over. This one is National Safety Month, and you can participate by sharing a link to helpful information like The Home Fall Prevention ChecklistThe Home Fall Prevention Checklist.

Also, consider writing a blog post about what to do in disaster or emergency. Pay attention to dangers particular to your area, like tornados, earthquakes, flooding, etc. Include a list of local hospitals and urgent care centers. For more ideas, check out the official website for National Safety Month.

4. Overview of Local Schools

June is right in the middle of real estate's busy season, and it's no secret what one of the most important factors for many buyers is: the quality of local schools. Write a blog post about the various school districts or even individual schools in the areas you serve. If you need more information, lean on RPR's School Report for data like ratings, parental reviews, testing scores, student population, and more.

You can turn this into a lead generation opportunity by offering to send a copy of the RPR School Report to interested consumers. Send your readers to a landing page where they can submit their contact information in order to receive the School Report on the district of their choice. Then, send it to them via email and follow-up later via phone to see if they have any questions.

5. Local Summer Activities for Kids

Speaking of school, it's now out for the summer--and that means parents are scrambling to figure what to do with their kids. Share posts that highlight activities like summer camps, day trips, enrichment programs, and childcare opportunities for working parents.

You can share each idea individually on social media, or create a single blog post that lists all options in one article.

6. Community Focus

Do you love your community? Sure you do, and social media is an ideal place to share that love. The best part? It's so, so easy and doesn't even require you to write your own posts (unless you want to!). Follow the social media accounts of businesses in your town and make a point to share or retweet their updates.

Did your favorite bakery post about their weekend cupcake sale? Share that update with your network! This creates goodwill with the business and provides your audience with valuable information.

Is blogging more your speed? Consider writing a post that highlights a particular business in your town, or one that lists upcoming festivals and events. Here are a few more locally focused ideas: nearby weekend getaways, best spots to go boating, camping or hiking, and the best places to stay cool in the summer heat (a shady park or local swimming hole, perhaps?).

7. Open House Ideas

June is a big month for open houses--and, no, we're not talking about the real estate kind. Graduation open houses are big in the early summer, and many of your clients may be hosting one for their newly matriculated family member.

As an agent, you're an expert at open houses. Write a post that offers advice on creating a great event--everything from food to preparation to recommending vendors, and more.

8. Hot Summer Markets

Nothing's hotter than the real estate market in the summer. Impress with your knowledge of local market goings-on by posting about which neighborhoods are seeing the most sales activity this summer.

Here's a twist: rather than writing a blog or length social media post, consider delivering your market update via Facebook Live. Plan out what you're going to say ahead of time so things go smoothly, but stay flexible enough to engage your audience while you're recording. For example, before you reveal the hottest selling area, ask your viewers to guess what they think it is. They can type their guesses in the comments box and you can read their answers while recording.

And, of course, don't forget to tell your viewers that they can contact you for more in-depth information about sales activity in the area.

There you have it: eight social media and blog content ideas to keep your online marketing hot this summer!