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Keep Private Information Out of the Public Eye

April 09 2010

The Information Age provides numerous advantages to real estate professionals, particularly in regards to marketing through social media channels, blogging, and emailing clients and colleagues. Building an effective online presense is a focal point of most real estate technology vendors. Real estate brokers and agents everywhere are beginning to see the necessaity for online marketing and communication.

However, there is a downside to providing a wealth of information about yourself, your services and watching that information spread accross the Internet. The concern of personal information being leaking to the public is growing. Legal expert and CEO of Privacy Solution, Darity Wesley recently made a short video explaining three types of information, and what to be aware of.

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Video Summary:

Has privacy been compromised? Darity Wesley, CEO of Privacy Solutions, says there are three kinds of information:

1) Public record information;
2) Publicly available information; and,
3) Non-publicly available information.

Public record information is gathered by the government like land or DMV, voter records.

Publicly available combined from directories, websites, newspaper info.

Non-publicly available information is known as volunteered information. If a website asks for a phone number, so even if you requested not to be contacted, or not to have your number distributed, it does not matter. You have already volunteered information that is otherwise kept private. You have to learn to protect yourself.

If you volunteer any personal information through any social media network. All of that personal information is then made public. If you post anything online, or even in blogs or emails, it is considered volunteered information and can be read by anyone in the world.

Be conscious of everything you post online. They could ruin your online reputation. Most content online is user provided, so stay alert and do not post anything that could come back to haunt you.