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3 Tips for Maximizing Your Visibility on Facebook

August 24 2011

This helpful post comes to us from the blog.

So you have read about Facebook and made a fanpage, and are ready to dig deeper. If you know some tips and tricks, it can become an invaluable marketing tool that will get you in front of a large audience. So here are a few best practices to kick your fanpage into high gear.

1) Get your page to rank high in Facebook search results
We’ve all heard about the importance of ranking high in Google, Bing and other search engines. Facebook is no different. It is important to show up in search results if someone searches for “Real Estate in Chicago” (or whichever area you cover) on Facebook.

First, you want to show up organically in the auto-complete search section. Often, when a user performs a search, Facebook recommends results instantly. To be included, make sure you name your page something crystal clear; i.e. “Real Estate in Chicago: Jane Smith” or “Chicago Real Estate Agent: Jane Smith”.

Tip: Keep the spaces between words. Facebook auto-complete relies on exact matches and that is how users usually search.

2) Create a username that sticks
After you get 25 Page fans/likes, you are allowed to pick your own page URL which can help to identify you and get your page ranking higher. For example, instead of “” your URL could be, “”

To pick your own domain name, go to But be careful! You can’t change this title once you select it, even if there is a typo. You would then need to create a whole new account and start from square one. So make sure the domain you type in is exactly the one you want. Once you have it, promote the URL on your site, blog, business cards and collateral to make the most of all your customer touchpoints.

3) Make it easy to find you
One more basic tip to be aware of.. make sure your page is listed in the right category. This will help it to to be easily identified when it appears in search results.

To do this:

  • Sign into page you are the administrator for
  • Select “edit info”
  • Choose “Local Business: Real Estate” (or whatever best describes you and your page)

While you’re editing your info, make sure you put in relevant information about you/your business in the About Us tab. This allows search engines to pick up on your keywords. Elaborate on your specialities and what sets you apart.

If there’s one rule you make an absolute: approach your social media efforts the way you would any other marketing effort. Do it well (actively engaging your community, consistently providing valuable insight and listening to your fans) or don’t do it at all. Social media doesn’t have to take a large chunk of your time every day, but it can be a big chunk of your presence online so be mindful of how you are presenting yourself and your business.

Ad don’t forget to cross-promote. Have a Website or blog? Put Facebook widgets on your page. The more links to your fanpage you include, the more exposure you will drive.

Let us know any tricks you’ve learned through your own fanpage and keep your eyes peeled for the next Maximizing Visibility on Facebook post discussing the value of a “like”!

You can find the original post, and many more, on the "Opening Doors" Blog.