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Six Ways 3D Property Tours Can Help You Sell More Homes

May 24 2017

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Luxury agents are turning to technology to help differentiate their listings and stand out from the competition. One of the up-and-coming tools that agents serving high-end markets are increasingly leveraging are Matterport 3D property tours. Far more advanced that the traditional 2D virtual tours that you're used to, Matterport 3D tours let prospects virtually "walk through" a three-dimensional representation of a home as if they were actually there.

When broker Lisa Larkin saw her first Matterport 3D property tour, "I was absolutely blown away," she recalls. "I said, 'We've got to incorporate this into our business.'" She acquired a high-end listing shortly thereafter and created a 3D property tour for it. "We sold that house the day after we did the 3D. I don't know if that was just great luck, but I think that the owners felt a little bit of urgency because they knew that everybody could really see [the home] now without actually going there."

3D Property Tours: They're Not Just for Luxury Listings!

While Larkin's introduction to Matterport was because of luxury listings, she quickly realized that the 3D tours would work well for all price ranges. Her firm, RE/MAX Excalibur in Tucson, Ariz., now uses Matterport 3D tours on all listings priced at $200,000 and up.

She shared several ways that 3D tours benefit her business:

  • Higher listing visibility, thanks consumer enthusiasm - "The consumer absolutely loves it," says Larkin. "They love sharing the link to the 3D tour with their friends."
  • Easier to screen potential buyers before a showing - Larkin says her seller clients love having a 3D tour of their home because prospective buyers can look at the Matterport tour and decide if this is really a home they want to see in person--and the seller is disturbed a lot less. "I've actually used it to screen buyers and say, 'If you haven't looked at the 3D, my seller will not let you in.'"
  • Impress sellers during listing presentations - Larkin demonstrates the power of Matterport 3D tours on her phone or Macbook during presentations. "I show it to them there and they just can't believe it," she says. "There are different kinds of listing tools, and this is the kind of tool that doesn't just placate the sellers. It is something that we're giving them as a service that works."
  • High visibility - Thanks to a partnership with that automatically adds Matterport tours to listings on the website and app, your 3D tours are seen by an expansive audience. You can learn more about this partnership in an upcoming webinar, Powering Up Listings with 3D Virtual Walk-Throughs.
  • Makes serving relocation clients easier - Lisa's market is a destination for second home buyers, retirees, and transferees. "For our relocation clients, it's really wonderful for them to be able to see a home before they set foot here because they can't get here maybe right away."
  • Helps differentiate your business - Larkin says that there aren't yet many people who are leveraging Matterport tours yet, so it's an easy way to stand out. "It's great stuff, and I love being on the cutting edge of technology, and so do my agents."

Want to learn more about how Matterport 3D tours can help your business? Register today for this free upcoming webinar!