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3 Things to Like About an MLS Mobile App

August 23 2011

mls in palm in handAt Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco, we learned about a variety of new products and services that are changing the real estate technology industry. One of the products we found most interesting was the MLS-Touch mobile app from Prospects Software, Inc. is one of the most popular real estate CRM in Canada, better known as MLS-Office here in the US.

We asked Charles Drouin, Prospects CEO, to tell us more about the mobile app. Specifically, we asked, what sets MLS-Touch apart from the many other mobile real estate apps available today? We wanted to understand why Prospects decided to invest their time and effort in creating a mobile app exclusively designed for real estate agents.

Mr. Drouin gave us 3 things that set MLS-Touch apart:

1) The mobile app is created specifically for agents ONLY.
There are a plethora of real estate apps on the market, a lot of them consumer-facing. The feedback we've received from agents is the applications they have access to are weak and, most often, less useful than the applications their clients use.

"MLS-Touch is loaded with features agents need most when they're out showing homes and on listing presentations" Mr. Drouin says. "We've given agents the ability to have access to all the homes around them – instantly! We thought it was important – not only for us, but for our industry – to give the edge back to our agents and help them be the true source of information for their clients."

The app provides members of an MLS or association with exclusive features such as:

  • GPS Map Search
  • Email multiple listings
  • Instant sales comparables
  • Sold and Pending listings
  • Showing instructions and private remarks
  • Market statistics
  • Multiple search criteria

"This information comes directly from the MLS, which makes MLS-Touch a true mobile MLS solution," explains Mr. Drouin.

2) The MLS-Touch app maximizes multi-media.
Drouin explains, "The new Smartphones and tablets (such as the ipad) allow programmers to be creative like never before. "These devices are multimedia devices, and MLS-Touch maximizes that," Mr. Drouin says. "Our interface is not only intuitive, it's beautiful! We've even begun building our next generation app with features like watching search results in a slideshow with music playing in the background. This truly redefines the way we explore listings for sale. It's impressive to consumers, which makes agents look good."

3) MLS-Touch is linked to a customer management solution.
"Helping agents as they manage their contacts and their time is what we do," explains Mr. Drouin. "CRM is our primary business, so we maximized that in the app as well."

The RE Technology team has not seen this functionality, but Mr. Drouin explains that it includes contact management, a team calendar linked to the MLS, email tools, Facebook integration, market reports, and more.

As we couldn't explore it, we asked Mr. Drouin to expand. "When the agent sends information to their client, a record of what was sent, when it was sent, and who it was sent to is recorded in the client' file. This allows the agent to review the history of information shared with their client anywhere, anytime. When an agent uses our CRM, every contact entered is instantly transferred to the app – and vice versa. Moreover, when a lead is captured on the agent's website or Facebook page, the contact is created in the software and transferred in the app as well."

Mr. Drouin continues, "We went even further with the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board by integrating the CRM and the mobile app with the Matrix MLS system from Tarasoft. The board of Montreal also has a consumer web site ( and every lead captured on that web site is transferred to the agent by email (of course) but is also automatically transferred in the agent's CRM, in their Smartphone, and in the app! Agents always say 'location, location, location;' we say 'integration, integration, integration.'"

What's Next for MLS-Touch?
MLS-Touch launched in Canada as "Prospects Mobile." The Canadian app is highly rated (36 five-star reviews as of the date of this article). It is offered as a free member benefit to all 15,000 agents of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board and all 6,000 members in Calgary.

In the US, MLS-Touch just launched as a free member benefit with SoCalMLS. It will soon be available through many more MLSs, as a free member benefit in some and a paid subscription in others. Prices will vary depending on cost to access the data.

This isn't the end, however, says Mr. Drouin. It's just the beginning. "Now that the app has launched, we've already begun work on our next build, using our agent team to create even more robust features."

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