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3 Ways Your Real Estate Postcard Farming Content Can Live Beyond The Postcard Itself

la ways postcard content can live beyond postcard

When discussing the merits of postcard marketing with real estate agents, one objection that occasionally comes up is that the lifespan of real estate farming postcards is just too short, given what they cost. The theory is that the homeowner gets the card in their mailbox, glances at it for 3-5 seconds and then simply tosses it in their recycling bin, there marking the end of the that postcard's usefulness.

While I will admit that does sound bleak, and I am sure that some postcards do in fact follow that exact lifecycle, I'll also note that the only postcards that are suffering this fate are postcards that set up poorly. It could be a variety of reasons. The content might be too thin. The message might be targeted incorrectly. The call to action could be weak (or, even worse, completely non-existent). Or, the card just may not be visually appealing enough to warrant attention.

Having real estate postcard content that lives beyond the initial touch the homeowner has with it is critical if you want to turn homeowners into leads and start them down the path to becoming clients. Let's face it. You are also spending your hard earned money on these postcards. While postcards, even looked at for only three seconds, will build brand awareness, why settle for just awareness? You should be using your hard earned marketing dollars to make sure you have every opportunity to capture a new lead and turn them into a client. With that in mind, today I want to share with you three great ways you can make sure people not only remain engaged with your postcard farming content, but make the content larger than the card itself.

Don't Stop with Just the Card – Take Them on a Journey

One of the most amazing things I find, especially given all the great technology that is available to agents, is the fact that agents are still content with simply sending out a postcard and leaving it at that. Why stop with simply taking someone on a trip to their mailbox when you can actually take them on an entire journey?