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The 5 Types of Real Estate Clients You Need to Understand

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In the "Age of the Customer," any business looking to survive puts their client at the center of their operation. Today, it's the consumer, not businesses, who are driving business decisions, which means that it's vital for real estate agents to understand their clients on a deeper level in order to make the sale.

Don't assume you know what your clients want

Anticipating what your clients want before they do is more important now than ever before due to the speed at which clients can conduct online research and receive referrals with just one simple social media post. Buying or selling isn't just about profit, function and timelines – it's connected to strong social and emotional factors that influence every client you serve. The most successful real estate agents don't assume that they know their client's needs; they spend the time to understand the world through their client's perspective.

In the business of moving lives from one location to another, agents need to keep up with new behaviors that are emerging in the marketplace. Below are five types of real estate clients, and tips for agents to build an effective relationship with each one.

1. The "forever" home buyer

  • Fast fact: Views their home as the foundation of their life.
  • Attitudes: Knowledgeable and specific about what their "must haves" are, like location.
  • Looking for: A memorable experience while buying their home.
  • Agent tip: It's all about the relationship with this type of client. Use your CRM to build a rich contact profile and keep track of important information like family members and birthdays.