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Six Do's and Don'ts of Navigating the Busy Season

May 08 2017

listhub 6 Dos Donts of Navigating Busy Season

Spring is here, which means the busy season is upon us! So far, inventory is falling short of buyer demand and the median home price is on the rise—up $10,000 to $260,000 for the first time since May 2016. How do you prepare for this seasonal shift?

In order make this season a successful one, you must dedicate time to effectively managing your relationships with current clients and nurturing leads to build new relationships. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to succeeding in maintaining and growing your pipeline, we've put together six do's and don'ts to guide you.

  1. Do respond to leads quickly
  2. Don't reach out to leads with nothing to offer
  3. Do block out time for lead generation and client nurturing
  4. Don't forget to keep track of your efforts
  5. Do ask about communication preferences
  6. Don't be too pushy with your communication

Check out the infographic below for an overview of how these six tips can help you grow your business:

ListHub Dos Donts navigating busy season infographic

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This article originally appeared in the ListHub newsletterListHub newsletter.