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True Confessions of a FSBO

adwerx confessions fsbo 1I work closely with real estate agents every day. Dozens of my closest friends are real estate agents.

And I put my home on the market to sell it myself. I was a FSBO.

Before you panic, there are a couple things I want you to know. First, I didn't end up selling it because I didn't get the new house I wanted. Second, I had done this before. And third, from my unique position here at Adwerx, I was actually doing this more so as an experiment in going behind the scenes than trying to save money. I love and value real estate agents, after all.

It was quite the experience. I learned so much that I want to share some intel with you, my real estate professional friends.

My name isn't Fizz Bo.

Being part of Facebook groups and conferences, I know the real estate vernacular. And I know the homeowners who sell their own home are simply called FSBOs. That's a cute little bit of shorthand and is great for talking amongst yourselves. But I wonder if this nickname hasn't served to remove a bit of the empathy from working with these folks.

As soon as my house listing went live, I started receiving calls from agents. A LOT of calls. And I'll honestly say I wasn't impressed.

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