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The 3 Deadly Mistakes that Real Estate Agents Make

contactually 3 deadly real estate mistakes

Are you making one of these three deadly mistakes that cost you time, money, and clients? There's a good chance you are– although don't worry because making one (or more) of these mistakes may become the best thing you ever do (so long as you approach them properly).

You see, you become a success story not in spite of your mistakes, but because of them. Mistakes teach you, help you grow, and ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace. But they also have the power to cripple you (especially the three dangerous mistakes I'm about to share).

So, what's the solution? That's what I'm going to share with you, but first let me say:

Your Mistakes Help You Find Your "Right" Client...

There are two types of client in this world: the right kind, and the wrong kind. The right kind help you become the go-to leader in your space. Whereas the wrong kind drain you, and ensure you survive instead of thrive. Your aim is to have the 'right' kind of client, yes? Of course it is, which is why your mistakes are important.

Because after interviewing 163 business owners, executives, authors, and thought leaders for my latest book, I've discovered how the mistakes you make are what help you find the 'right' kind of client. This helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. This helps you achieve more by working less. This leads to YOUR success.

With this mind, which of these mistakes are you making?