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Becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent – 5 Keys to Make It Happen!

p2 keys millionaire agent 1You can feel the instinct inside of you to become an entrepreneur. There is a drive and a passion stirring your ideas together and you can't wait to make your first million. But just the dream and desire are not nearly enough to make a successful REALTOR®! You need the other half of the equation – the skills to make it happen.

Do you know that Your Daily Habits Determine Your Yearly Results? When I speak to any group of real estate agents, I usually begin with this point. There are a multitude of activities you can do to build your business, but the core of success comes down to the actions you take every single day. So, what have you been doing? Could you be doing it better?

If you want to build a better business, I can tell you how. I have been in millionaire offices for over a decade, hands-on as administrative support and then as a manager of a brokerage, and now as a business coach, author and speaker. I know what it takes to build a successful business, have been behind the curtain, and now I want to share some of these keys with those hard-working agents, like you, who just need to know what they can do to get to the next level!

Here are four high-level habits those REALTORS® grossing over $2 million each year are masters of.

#1 They Build Their Reputation

What do you think your reputation in your industry and in your city is?

What do people say behind your back? A reputation can't be fabricated; it is created by what you do behind closed doors for the good or the bad. Past clients, past employees and industry members are very often quick to share their own opinions about you and your business.

So you must imagine what you want others to say about you and then go out and start acting like that!

Beef up your online image

Hire a professional photographer and when you take your own shots, use something like Snapseed to touch up your pics to make them super appealing. Everything that you post reflects on you—as the saying goes, "How you do one thing, is how you do everything." Make sure your brand online is doing you a favor, not embarrassing you!