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Six Tips for Maximizing Battery Life in iOS 10

Our devices always seem to run out of battery exactly when we need them most. For that reason, this month we bring users of iOS 10 devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) six tips that can help you get more time between battery charges.

1. Optimize Location Services Settings

As a REALTOR on the go, you may use several apps that give you information about a specific location, such as the Weather app, or an MLS app that provides you with available listings in your area. These apps can give you location-based information because they use the Location Services feature of your device. Location Services is very useful, and you can take advantage of it without taxing your battery too much if you run it only when you are actively using the apps.

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Next, scroll down and click on the first app on the list. Three options will show: Never, While Using the App or Always. Select While Using the App, and you will see that a blue check mark is added to your selection. (Select 'Never" on those apps that you feel never need to know your location, even when you are using them.) That's it! To exit, click on < Location Services again. Go through each app on your list and set the best setting for each app.

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