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4 Tips to Reconnect with Past Clients

March 13 2017

stand out of the crowd

Real estate is all about relationships. How often do you lose touch with your clients? Too often? Then it's time to make some serious changes in your marketing strategy.

Helping your clients buy their home is the first step to a long-lasting relationship. It is important to be in touch, but not to overwhelm them. Why keep in touch, you ask? Your past clients may help you in many ways:

  • They can write you a testimonial
  • Refer you to friends, family or colleagues
  • Buy another property

Here are some simple ways you can connect with past clients:

1. Give value to your emails

You often send your clients emails. Your clients should look forward to your emails! How do you do that? By giving it some value. The emails you send should have loads of great content which would interest your client. Make a quick newsletter comprising of news and trends in your market, upcoming properties and some services – such as painters, plumbers etc. for them to reference! This will be a handy email that your clients will keep. Remember not to overdo these emails and spam your clients.

2. Connect on social

Social media is a great platform to connect with clients of past, present and future. Once you have your clients on your friends list, it's important that you do not spam them with irrelevant posts. Facebook has a cool option for categorizing your friends; use this feature to categorize your clients into "Past Clients" and "Current Clients." Post relevant content for each category, home improvement, regional updates for past clients and open houses for current!

3. Be a gracious host

Invite your clients to a variety of events. New open houses are great to meet past clients. They might be ready to buy their second home with your help. Host summer barbecues—you don't need to talk shop at these events, be a friend and be pleasant without being salesy. Be the person your clients turn to when they want advice. Gain trust by introducing your clients to other satisfied clients.

4. Remind yourself to remember

Remember dates which are special for your clients. Ask how their child's graduation ceremony was. Send them a friendly birthday or anniversary card. Keep detailed notes on all your clients and use them to keep in touch. Remind them of yourself on their special day.

These are a few ways to keep in touch with your past clients. Have an interesting way to connect with past clients? Let us know in the comments below!

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