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Top 10 Most Popular Articles from February

March 01 2017

race starting line

February was unusually warm in many parts of the country, and we can't help but wonder if this will cause the traditional real estate selling season to start a bit earlier than normal. Regardless of whether that happens or not, we're still a mere three weeks from the official start of spring—and the busiest time of year for real estate professionals.

Get prepared for the busy months by checking out our top 10 most popular articles from last month. From setting more appointments to new regulatory wrinkles in real estate marketing, these educational posts will help prepare for success in the season ahead.


1. CFPB Fines Real Estate Company: Do Agents Need to Worry?
Is Zillow RESPA compliant? Are MSAs illegal? These are a few of the questions posed in a new video that examines the impact of a recent order from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). The video alleges that the CFPB "issued a warning shot to Realtors and brokers nationwide" when they fined a real estate company for an improper MSA (marketing services agreement) and referrals.

2. App Alert: Google Allo Offers Realtors 'Smart Messaging'
Google Allo is a smart messaging app that incorporates the Google Assistant to connect you with your Google Suite on the go. In this installment of Google for Real Estate, you'll learn how Google Allo can improve your communications, where to get Allo, what it can do, how it can assist your business, and more.

3. Three Essential Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Clients
In this fast paced world, every minute counts and that is why it's essential to ask your clients the right questions before you take them to see homes. Asking them the right questions will help you get clarity as an agent who is showing them the properties. Here are 3 essential questions to ask your real estate clients.

4. Setting More Real Estate Appointments
Appointments with real estate leads are an important part of the life of a real estate agent. It's the starting point for a sale. But how do you get leads to agree to meet with you? It takes strategy, perseverence, and motivation. To gain more real estate appointments, you must not fear rejection! Every "no" brings you one step closer to a "YES." Here are five critical insights to help you set more appointments this week.

5. 5 Real Estate Tech Tools in 5 Minutes
When Jeff Lobb took the stage at Inman Connect in New York this past January, everyone got out their note-taking tools—five real estate tech tools in five minutes. Because in what was a whirlwind event of high-minded, conceptual talk, Jeff was ready to drop some serious knowledge and tangible takeaways. Jeff's message was clear — the tools alone won't make you a successful agent. It's how you use them.

6. 3 Tips You Need to Convert Every Seller Lead (No Matter Their Objection)
Once you have a full pipeline of seller leads, it's time to win their business! How do you convert even the trickiest of leads? Curaytor founder and best-selling author Chris Smith has you covered.

7. 5 Email Tools to Make Follow-Ups Easier
There's no denying the fact that "inbox overload" is a real thing. Some people become so overwhelmed that it negatively impacts the way they manage their inbox and how they follow-up on important conversations. Fortunately, there are a variety of email tools that can help you get organized and stay organized. Here are several of the top tools that make email follow-up easier.

8. Top Job Markets for Real Estate Professionals vs. Top U.S. Real Estate Markets
Recently, analysts "compared 150 of the largest U.S. cities across 14 key indicators of a healthy real estate environment." The findings of the study were intended to highlight the best places to be a real estate agent in 2017. Check out how their top 20 compare to what predicated as the top housing markets for 2017.

9. 3 Ways to Go Over and Above When Working with Referrals
Testimonials are the powerful social proof that your prospects crave. Are you leveraging the power of testimonials from your happy clients? Comments from home buyers and sellers who have worked with you are the proof that prospective clients need to feel confident that you're the agent for them. Here are some of the best ways to get strong real estate testimonials for your business.

10. Contact Your Real Estate Customers in Small Bites
The best way to grow your business is old fashioned, and centered on building and maintaining trust relationships with people who you know. 1000Watt Consulting says it best: "A lead is a customer that someone else lost." CRM systems have made the management of your selling time more effective. You can manage your work and work your plan to stay connected to your prospects and clients. But we recommend working in small bites--here's how.