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Using Facebook's Group Chat to Connect with More Clients

August 11 2011



Facebook has made such an immense impact on human interaction over the last few years that a feature-length film has already made about this social media phenomenon. Although many debate the best ways to use Facebook in a business sense (as ideas are constantly changing), most advertising experts maintain the website is an essential aspect of modern marketing.

fb group chat disable

In addition to going through Facebook to connect with potential customers, it has also become a platform useful for more direct collaboration with clients. The recently unveiled group chat application can be used to communicate with multiple people at the same time. The logic behind using the group chat application on Facebook is simple: it's easier to speak with more people when the talking takes place in a familiar setting.

While chatting programs have been around for years, the recent integration with Facebook makes it a far more valuable tool due to the sites pervasiveness. People are likely to talk longer when they don't need to leave their favorite website. They're also easier to find in such places which is why any REALTOR® looking to be successful needs to make full use of everything Facebook has to offer.

Whether working from a paperless office or not, make Facebook an essential part of communicating with potential clients.