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Property Search Leader HomeASAP Launches Mobile App for Agents

February 27 2017

As a primer, you may know HomeASAP® by their old brand name, "N-Play." The company is the clear leader in providing agents with an IDX-compliant property search solution for Facebook. Additionally, they operate the nation's largest network of consumer-facing agent IDX websites though their Search Alliance™ platform. The company's Real Estate Agent Directory™ (READ) also serves over 485,000 members.

Like all agent IDX solutions, HomeASAP's IDX Home Search™ operates as a client servicing tool that agents use to attract and inform homebuyers. Today, HomeASAP announced the launch of their HomeASAP Agent App™. The mobile app, available for iPhone (with an Android version coming soon) gives agents quick access to their leads, the Real Estate Agent Directory, and Search Alliance.

homeasap agent mobile app screenshots

Improving Lead Responsiveness

As you can appreciate from a glance, agents are instantly notified of new leads and engagement from their HomeASAP IDX solution. Everyone knows that the speed of responding to the consumer has a major impact on lead conversion. If you reach the consumer in five minutes or less, you are likely to win a customer. Before the mobile app, HomeASAP leads were delivered by email and accessed via an agent dashboard. Now, HomeASAP offers the best possible solution to responding to client inquiries quickly.

Improving Online Advertising

A key feature of HomeASAP is their search network of IDX compliant home search websites. HomeASAP recognizes that successful agents focus their marketing and selling farms on specific neighborhoods, cities, or zip codes.

Search Alliance allows agents to specify their real service areas where they wish to receive lead traffic. Agents can drive traffic themselves and capture those leads for free, or participate in the Search Alliance cooperative program to acquire network-generated traffic using a live bidding system for acquiring consumers.

If agents generate traffic that happens to become a lead for an agent in a different service area, the originating agent receives network credits usable to lower the cost of new leads in their own service area. It is reciprocal marketing. As far as we know, HomeASAP is the only solution that provides this type of traffic acquisition opportunity.

Like all traffic and online advertising networks, there is a live bidding system for acquiring consumers. The new HomeASAP Agent App gives agents access to the living bidding environment where they can modify their spending budget at any time.

Instant Access to the Referral Network

More often than not, real estate agents have little choice other than to use their broker's referral network, often sharing the referral commission with the broker. The HomeASAP referral program gets around the broker network and supports agent-to-agent referrals.

With 485,000+ agents on the HomeASAP Real Estate Agent Directory for Facebook, you can quickly locate an agent in just about any community across America, manage your referral profile, and post or respond to referrals from the group.

If you are already part of the HomeASAP network, be sure to download your app today. For more information about HomeASAP, visit