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What Realtors Should Know About Pinterest

February 07 2017

delta realtors know pinterest

Pinterest is an awesome marketing tool for real estate agents. It's not the largest social network, but its visual nature, ease of re-sharing, and the interests of its user base make it a natural fit for online marketing in the real estate industry. Pinterest is loaded with crafty, DIY-minded people who love sharing about their towns, their homes, and all of their interesting projects. Building a presence on Pinterest is a bit different than doing so on other popular social networks, so it's a good idea to have a plan before you get started.

Smart Social Media for Real Estate: What REALTORS® Need to Know about Pinterest

The first thing to remember about Pinterest is that it is a very visual medium, which is a major advantage for those working in real estate. The bulk of the content you share will come in the form of images and videos, but you'll still be able to add text in the captions. Its natural fit with social media makes it popular in the industry, so it's important to bring your A-game in order to stand out.

  • Save the Listings for LaterIf you only pin listings, you're going to have a tough time gaining traction with the Pinterest audience. Instead, focus on the unique aspects that make a listing special. You don't just want to post links to your MLS, but you can absolutely share photos of, say, a stunning master bedroom or unique outdoor garden that others might want to emulate.

  • Understand Your Audience – Re-pins are basically when another user shares your post on one of their boards, so naturally more re-pins are a good thing. This is where those photos of master bedrooms or gardens come in, because people love to share unique, eye-catching items. Explore other people's boards, learn what your audience likes, and put it to work in your own Pinterest presence.

  • Create Multiple BoardsCreating various boards on Pinterest allows you to group similar content, and gives other users an easy way to explore what you have to offer. A "dream home" board is basically a must, because it gives you a place to share all of those unique photos. Home improvement tips, DIY ideas, and boards about the neighborhoods where you do business all tend to work well.

  • Include Your Website in Captions – While you shouldn't copy and paste listings from your site, you'll absolutely want to give people a way to learn more if they're interested in what you have to offer. Including your website URL in captions is an easy, unobtrusive way to tell people where they can learn more.

  • Engage the Community – Pinterest may be very visual in nature, but it's still a social network at its heart. So by all means, be social! Re-pin ideas from others, get involved in conversations, and spend time looking through the boards that other users create. The more involved you are, the easier it is to build an audience.

  • Be Authentic – Give the audience what they want, but do so in a way that suits your unique personality. If you have genuine enthusiasm for the content you create, then you're already ahead of the game.

Social media for real estate is just one important step on the road to successful real estate online marketing. Contact our team at Delta Media Group to learn more about the many ways we'll help your real estate brand shine online. You can also check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration of your own!

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