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Are You Using LinkedIn To Market Yourself?

August 09 2011



While Facebook is still considered the social media giant, there is another social media site considered to be more useful by many professionals. This site is “LinkedIn” and if you haven’t signed up yet, you’ve no doubt seen invitation messages sent from your email contacts.

What can LinkedIn do for REALTORS®?
Basically, it helps you connect with more professionals, find more opportunities and pick up some good advice along the way. All of this can lead to higher sales as it strengthens your social network and acts as a free form of marketing. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to let more people know you’re a REALTOR®, especially if they’re people whom you haven’t seen in several years.

LinkedIn helps you to reconnect with such folks (think former co-workers, and friends and acquaintances from high school and university) and thus gives you the chance to do business with them.

How is LinkedIn different from Facebook?

While it’s still social media, LinkedIn is different enough from Facebook to merit using the site. It provides a more professional appearance and because its applications are straightforward, many people find it to be more useful than Facebook.

LinkedIn places more focus on one’s professional life rather than personal.  Therefore, previous titles, positions and professional affiliations make up one’s LinkedIn profile rather than numerous photos, game applications and other stuff that makes Facebook seem like more of a toy.

It’s okay to keep up that Facebook page but make sure to incorporate LinkedIn into your marketing strategies for connecting with more potential clients.