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Final Touches: How Agents Can Test Their Email Subject Lines

rdc TestingEmailSubjectLines 1

The past two weeks, we've been laser-focused on boosting your email open rate. That means we're going to focus on something you may not spend a lot of time on — your email subject line.

Check out these posts for how to write email subject lines that are bound to stand out with your audience:

Of course, every email is different and every database is full of unique people with unique motivations — so it's important to go past best practices and measure how well your subject lines perform.

Analyzing your email subject lines

Prior to sending, consider using a subject line analyzer so you can determine if you are hitting the right notes. While it was technically designed to analyze headlines, not subject lines, the best analyzer we have found is from CoSchedulefrom CoSchedule. The service analyzes your content to ensure it has a balance of common words, uncommon words, emotional words and power words. Below, when we enter in the subject line, "How to do the right thing," it reminds us to add more "power wordspower words."

rdc TestingEmailSubjectLines 2