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How Real Estate Agents Can Write Better Email Subject Lines (Part 2 of 2)

January 31 2017

tsa EmailSubjectLine2

This week, we're laser-focused on boosting your email open rate. That means we're going to focus on something you may not spend a lot of time on — your email subject line.

In part one of this series, we shared a few quick tips on why you should use localized terms, emoji and short text to increase your open rate. Today, we want to talk about specific terms you should and shouldn't use within your email subject lines.

1. Don't talk about cost — at all

While it may be tempting to use language like "FREE" or "buy" or sell," they can be a big turn-off to people who (likely) already know you're after their business. Be sure to focus on the content and value you're providing them, not the transaction you're after.

2. Ask a question

It never hurts to create an air of intrigue, so consider asking a question in your email subject lines. Readers will understand that the answer is enclosed in the email and could be more interested in opening up your content.

Here are three great examples of email subject lines agents can leverage:

  • Why are home prices up 7% in Phoenix?
  • How will a hike in interest rates affect first-time buyers?
  • What are the six best home improvements that homeowners can make before selling?

3. Add a sense of urgency

If you're hosting an event or sending an email with any kind of deadline, mention it in the subject line so your readers know to open it ASAP. Add words like "Today only!" or "Don't miss out!" to boost your open rates.

4. Tell them if there's a video inside

If your email includes a video — whether it be a property tour, a walk and talk in your office or a high-production introduction to your services — be sure to mention that in the subject line! Include words like "Watch" or "View" to describe what they may see. If you're using the emoji tip, consider adding in the video camera or film reel icons.

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