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How to Use Google Keep for Real Estate

January 17 2017

HDC Google Keep

Google processes 40,000 searches per second and over 3.5 billion searches per day. That's incredibly impressive, but Google provides much more than just a search engine. Google offers internet users a large range of products free of charge. In this new article series, we'll share how you can use Google's free products to grow, manage, and organize your business. Here, you'll learn how Google Keep can help your business, where to find it, how to use it, and more.

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep lets you "Save your thoughts as notes, lists, and voice memos from anywhere." Basically, anything you want to remember, take note of, scribble down, photograph, or have available for quick and easy reference can be stored in Keep. Keep also syncs across all your devices (phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet), making it easy to access your data anywhere.

Why use it?

Keep allows you to share and collaborate with your contacts on your notes. Keep's advanced sticky note functionality also lets you add labels to your notes for easy sorting. Creating labels for things like buyer resources, seller resources, and individual properties or clients will create tabs in Keep that contain all items with that label, making it easy to keep track of notes relevant to a particular person or property.

Where can I get it?

How does it apply to real estate?


Keep changes the game with the ability to set reminders by location—a great functionality for real estate agents. Now you can put notes about a home, such as what schools it's zoned for, recent price reductions, etc. in Keep and a preset reminder will pop up whenever you're at that location. You can also set reminders to occur at a certain time.


Create lists in Keep to easily track tasks you have performed or will perform for a specific client. Posted home online? Check. Scheduled open house? Check. For Sale sign posted? Check. You can even share lists with your clients to keep them in the loop.


Keep is also a great way to take audio testimonials. Easily accessible from any of your devices, testimonials can be replayed for other clients or transcribed onto your website later.

Speech to text

Although not technically an offering of Google Keep, most phones offer a voice-to-text option that allows you to verbally dictate messages. Of course, unless you're a world class, professional enunciation coach, you're going to have to check what actually ended up in there, but it's still a great way to free up your hands without sacrificing your notetaking.

For more information on using Keep, visit Google Keep Help.

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