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37 Ways to Not Suck at Real Estate

August 04 2011

This week, over 1,000 real  estate agents tuned into a free webinar offered by the Internet Marketing Specialist DesignationInternet Marketing Specialist Designation (IMSD) and ActiveRainActiveRain.  Listen to the recording to hear Ben Kinney deliver a blunt look at what Realtors are doing to sabotage their own businesses and to get practical ideas that will take some of the “suck” out of our industry!

While internet marketing for real estateinternet marketing for real estate is the primary focus for IMSD, the webinar covers a wide variety of core real estate functions where you just might suck:


If you follow a system and do it the same way every time you’ll get a consistent percentage of results.  Learn the key real estate systems that Ben’s team focuses on to drive continuous growth in their business.


What are the communication plans that agents should have in place to work their database, satisfy sellers, and win inbound real estate leads.


Find out how a team that has already closed 500 sides in 2011 spends their real estate marketing dollars.  Advertising is about effectiveness, not beauty.


Whether you are hiring a real estate agent, office manager, team lead, or any other position in the organization, you need to understand the ideal personality type for the job and how to identify those traits in your candidates.



Regardless of your motivation for real estate success (family, money, vacations, advancement), you’ll need to commit to doing whatever it takes on a day by day basis to grow your business.

Time Leverage

How do you sell more real estate while doing less?  Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the entire earth.”  So as a real estate agent, what are the levers you can apply to your business?


These twenty real estate tools can fuel the growth of your business by helping you to develop great systems to generate real estate leads and convert those leads to closings.  Some of the tools covered include IDX websites, CRM, virtual tour software, telephone and text messaging services, productivity software, and coaching.

This free one hour webinar is available using the link below.  In conjunction with the event, the Internet Marketing Specialist DesignationMarketing Specialist Designation is offering a $225 discount on its training program through Friday, August 5th when agents register with the promotional code “37Ways”.