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4 Simple Tips to Be More Efficient with Your iPhone

August 04 2011



Smart phones are quickly replacing feature phones as 55 percent of mobile consumers have upgraded in the past year.  The iPhone alone sold 20.4 million units in the second quarter of 2011. As more iPhones are sold, the adjustment to the new technology may take some getting use to for first-time smart phone buyers.

To take full advantage of your iPhone, you should know how to make use of its features. Take the time to look over the manual, regularly update it with new applications and make sure to incorporate the tips mentioned below.

Having trouble reading small text on your iPhone?

You can make it bigger by double tapping the screen with three fingers. Turn this feature on by going to “Settings”> “General” >“Accessibility”. There, you will have the ability to adjust the size accordingly.

Double tap with three fingers again, for text to return to normal size.

Need to take a screen shot of your iPhone?

First depress the “Home” button, and then press the “Power/Sleep” button. When you see the screen flash, a screen shot will have been saved to the “Camera Roll” of the phone.

How about quickly saving a useful image on your iPhone?

Save those images in Safari and Mail by touching and holding the image. Text will pop up that allows you to save to the photo library of the phone.

Did an application freeze up?

End the application and avoid your frustration by simply holding down the home button for six seconds.

These are just a few of the many iPhone features that can help you work more efficiently. Learning how to efficiently use your iPhone will make you more efficient in your life.  Whether it’s business or personal, this remarkable technology can help you communicate more effectively.

Have any other time-saving iPhone, or other smart phone tips?