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7 Hidden Secrets No One Tells You About Real Estate Marketing

January 10 2017

hush manIf real estate marketing were as easy as it's made to look on TV, then the world would be full of real estate moguls by now. There's definitely more to it than putting a sign in the yard, baking some cookies and expecting buyers to start knocking down the door at an open house.

The good news is that while real estate marketing isn't easy, it's not a mystery either. It just takes work, an open mind and a willingness to learn. We're here to help you with the learning part, by highlighting some of the things they don't tell you about real estate marketing.

What They Don't Tell You: Sorting through the Secrets of Real Estate Marketing

1. There is no substitute for experience, so start building it as soon as possible. This is especially true of lead generation activities like cold calling and social media marketing. Experienced real estate agents may make it look routine, but that's only because they have the experience. Your confidence level is crucial to your pitch and confidence comes with practice.

2. Effective social media marketing requires consistent effort and engagement. If your social connections just wanted to see a steady stream of listings, they'd visit a real estate website. The relationship building potential of social media is where the major value lies, and you can't build those relationships without taking an active role in the process. Devoting even a small, set amount of time to your social pages each day is an excellent habit to develop.

3. Friends and family aren't automatic clients, even when they say they will be. It's not that people will intentionally lie to you about referring business your way. Real estate is simply very competitive, and there will always be experienced agents looking to earn business in your area. Your connection to a potential client may get your foot in the door, but you still need to offer value to win their business.

4. Everything about real estate marketing takes time. Not necessarily a lot of time, but be wary of anyone promising overnight success. Whether you're talking SEO, social media or building your real estate blog, it's crucial to have a long-term plan. Give it a chance to work and then evaluate.

5. It's okay to have fun. Truly! When you're trying to stand out in a competitive field, your personality can be a huge asset—as long as you're willing to show it off. Keep it professional, but be authentic. This is especially important when establishing your social media presence.

6. Nothing is set in stone. Some aspects of your marketing are harder to change than others, but there's still plenty of room to experiment to find the formula that works for you. Try different marketing tactics, platforms and ideas to discover the right fit for you. You might even uncover a few secrets to add to our list.

7. Your website is your marquee property online. Your online marketing leads them to your website, and your website leads them to your door. Since most real estate agents don't double as web designers, your website is one of the more challenging aspects of real estate marketing to adjust on the fly.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working in real estate marketing is that there are always new secrets to uncover and tactics to try!

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