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Build Your Brand by Leveraging Market Analytics and Online Videos

January 08 2017

tablet house consultationVideo marketing, when done right, is 53 percent more likely to generate a first-page Google ranking than traditional SEO tactics. It's no wonder, then, that recent research shows that video marketing is now a firmly established strategy and the fastest growing advertising format.

But some brokers and agents shy away from employing video in their client outreach plan because it seems too overwhelming to create and track the return-on-investment. That's why the Market Analytics section of our online Technology GuideTechnology Guide features best-in-class solutions for nurturing leads and customers with informative, branded videos that drive traffic to your website.

Professionally created real estate videos tend to rank higher on online searches than traditional content online. Google and other search engines are striving meet consumer demands by providing a mix of content types in their search results, including articles, images, videos, and even maps. But since there's a dearth of video content available, and, even more, only a fraction is properly submitted to the search indexes, search engines have to give a higher ranking to videos in order to balance their content delivery. This makes video content a marketing gold mine for Realtors!

In order to harness the power of video for your marketing arsenal, however, videos need to be posted online correctly. Unfortunately, many Realtors make the mistake of posting video content on YouTube, which is built specifically to direct traffic to their siteā€”not yours. One company, Terradatum, solves this problem by empowering brokers and agents to attract original and regionalized video content straight to their own website. The video can then be shared on multiple portals, including broker or agent blogs, eNewsletters, social media channels, and, yes, even YouTube.

Since content is king, as they say, it makes sense to acquire video content from a provider such as Terradatum, which has been a leading provider of advanced analytics and metrics since 1989. Their content positions brokers and agents as the go-to expert in their market with appealing videos that combine relevant market statistics with dynamic, animated charts that the everyday real estate consumer can understand. The videos are designed with broker or agent-specific branding to create a strong identity in the market. By providing this kind of quality market intelligence, brokers and agents can broaden their brand reach, showing their value-add to consumers.

While there are many different ways to provide data to leads and clients, video has emerged as the preferred medium for online audiences. Savvy brokers and agents will discover the best return on investment for their marketing dollars by choosing a vendor that provides the data that consumers are seeking in a medium they are comfortable with.

Please see our online Technology GuideTechnology Guide for more information on how to select a market analytics solution that fits your overall client outreach strategy to become a top producer in your market in 2017.