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3 Ideas for Curating a Real Estate Market Update

TSA curating market update

A great real-life example of how to best curate content can be shown by looking at a local real estate market update. If your local board releases housing trend information each month, they likely want you to share this information far and wide. These updates are a great way for you to add your insights and experience into the conversation.

Here are three ways you can curate market update content.

1. Share the original market update on Facebook, with a one-sentence caption:

Shoreview Association of REALTORS is showing a 6% increase in home sale prices this year! My personal seller stats show an increase of 8%, meaning that my 2016 sellers have sold for $20,000 more than those who listed in 2015. What a year!

2. Write a quick email sharing the market update, linking to the association's original market update post:

Hi Sara,

I know you are on the fence about selling this year and I'm not sure if you've made any new decisions yet. I did want to share this local market update with you. My sources show that Shorewood homes are selling for 6% more this year than they did in 2015, and I've actually seen an increase of 8% for my seller clients.

Those percentages might not seem like much, but for my sellers it has meant an increase of $20,000 at closing on average. I'd love to talk to you more about it or discuss your hopeful selling price so I can continue to assess the market and help you find the right time to sell.

Here's the market update I was telling you about.


Shelby Realtor