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Complete More Real Estate Transactions With Time-Saving Tech Tips

August 02 2011




light keyboard 

Unless you’ve memorized the user manual for your computer, laptop, tablet etc., there’s a good chance you aren’t aware of its full capabilities. Once you get a handle on using the main functions of any technological device, it’s worth the effort to learn more intricate applications.

While you can still complete digital transactionsdigital transactions by sticking to the principle functions of your laptop, smart phone and basic software, knowing how to use some of the lesser-known functions can save time and boost your productivity.

Capturing What’s on Screen
Want to save what’s on your screen? Take a screenshot in Windows by pressing the "Print Screen" key. What’s shown on the screen will be saved to your clipboard. This in turn allows you to paste to an email message. The same can be done with a Mac by pressing “Command”+”Shift”+”3”.

Don’t care for all the graphics or formatted text when copying and pasting from a website? No problem. Just copy what you want and click, “unformatted text”, in the paste special section of the “edit” menu. This will give you the plain and simple text.

Undoing Costly Mistakes
Did you accidentally delete half of the presentation you were writing? Don’t panic, just press “control” + “z” and that missing text shows up on screen as this feature takes you back a step; eliminating the previous action.

No matter what type of real estate management software you have, knowing how to use more features on your computer, tablet or other device will help you be more productive with your time.


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