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Bring Word-of-Mouth Referrals Online with Trulia Social Search

August 01 2011

We found this interesting tidbit on Trulia's blog.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Trulia Social SearchTrulia Social Search, a new social recommendation feature that allows real estate professionals to generate word-of-mouth referrals from their clients through Facebook. Real estate professionals have long since cited word-of-mouth and referrals as one of their primary sources of business, and Trulia Social Search provides them with a more efficient way to general referrals from their clients and maximize the reach of each recommendation they receive.

So, how does it work?

1) An agent can send a request for recommendationssend a request for recommendations to clients through Trulia or through Facebook.

2) Happy clients can recommend an agent they’ve worked with on Trulia with just a click of a button.

3) The recommendations that clients submit not only show up on Trulia, but also on the clients’ Facebook profiles as well as their Facebook friends’ News Feeds. Each recommendation an agent receives on Trulia exponentially increases the opportunity for that agent to meet a new buyer or seller through their clients’ combined social networks. Just 5 recommendations have the potential to expose an agent to more than 1,000 potential clients!

4) When consumers search the Trulia Find a Pro directoryTrulia Find a Pro directory for an agent to work with, they’ll see if somebody in their social network has recommended an agent in the area they’re searching in. Agents with more recommendations in Trulia’s Social Search index have a better chance of being seen at the top of the search results and generating word-of-mouth referrals.

Generating referrals from your happy clients will never be the same! Become the trusted neighborhood agent and start meeting new clients - get recommended nowget recommended now.

To connect your Trulia account to your Facebook account, click hereclick here.

To try out Trulia Social Search, click hereclick here.

To request recommendations on your Trulia profile, click hereclick here.