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Turbocharge Your Business with These Top 10 Tools from RPR

November 30 2016

Each new year invites us to adopt fresh approaches to doing business. If you haven't already done so, here are RPR's 2016 top 10 new and/or improved tools that you'll want to incorporate into your daily business practices.

1. Drive Time

Searching for homes by drive time is even easier now that the function includes the ability to filter by day of the week, time of day, and length of journey. You can also choose to view walking times. This enhanced feature is a major benefit for clients who want to be near work, schools and amenities.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 1

2. Share RPR reports on Facebook

RPR users have had the ability to share various reports through Facebook. Yet, some areas of the U.S. are "non-disclosure" states and prohibit the sharing of specific MLS information to the public. RPR has incorporated a pop-up box reminding the user of rules that may prohibit sharing MLS data for a property in a non-disclosure state. The messaging does not appear when sharing RPR reports on properties outside non-disclosure states.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 2

3. Keyword Search

Enter up to six words or phrases in the advanced search option, or in the filters on the left-hand column of the Search Results page to search by neighborhoods, address zones and address areas (MLS area), exterior styles, exterior water features, and listing and MLS subtypes—all through listing data and listing descriptions (not public records). The new options are available for both Residential and Commercial applications.

Also, use keyword searches to find comparable properties, including recently sold properties, within the Comp Analysis and Sales Comp Analysis workflows.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 3

4. Google Street View

Available for both residential and commercial modes within RPR, the new Google Street View becomes the default property image for off-market properties.

RPR displays the most recent listing photos for properties listed within the past two years. Google Street View is not available universally, so an aerial photo will continue to display if the street view imagery is unavailable. Remember, you can always include a customized photo to any of your RPR properties, and include the photo with your reports. Also, historical listing photos can be seen in Compare Historical Records feature on the Property Details page.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 4

5. Refine value based on needed improvements

This new feature will subtract costs of needed improvements from the refined value of a home. It is useful when helping sellers to consider the monetary effect necessary repairs will have on the property's market value.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 5

6. New "custom" row for extra features in Home Facts

Add a subject property's additional characteristics/features on the Home Facts page within RPR. For example, include a notation about a home's proximity to a park by simply adding a new row to the Home Facts section and entering your remarks. The custom facts will be included in your report.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 6

7. Neighborhood geographic layers

A map's neighborhood boundaries are displayed in four layers based on geographical size: macro, intermediate, minor, and micro; and range in approximate radius from four miles down to a quarter-mile. Use the outlines to search for properties or run reports. To find smaller layers such as minor and micro, zoom in on the map, and look at the Show Geographies dropdown options.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 7

8. Sales comp analysis: choose public record or listing record

Choose to include the public or listing record stored in RPR for comps included with your report. A great new addition, especially if the public record provides more details about the chosen comp and vice versa.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 8

9. Distressed property information boosted by RealtyTrac data set

REALTORS® now have access to more than 21 million distressed property records. RPR now includes current and historical distressed property data from RealtyTrac, a robust solution covering 99 percent of the United States.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 9

10. Help widget added to all RPR pages

RPR prides itself on offering five-star customer support to its members (24/7, 365 days a year), and now accessing help is easier than ever. From any page on RPR, a Help Widget is available in the lower left corner.

rpr top 10 rpr tools 10

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