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The Mannequin Challenge for Real Estate

November 30 2016

HDC mannequin challenge

The Mannequin Challenge is currently taking over social media as we know it, and it's serving up laughs galore! If you're not sure what the Mannequin Challenge is, read up here.

In a nutshell, this challenge involves a group of people, large or small, filmed completely frozen in action. It's like someone just hit pause in the middle of a conversation. This is also filmed with the song "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background. Athletes, celebrities and office workers alike are taking part in this social media flavor of the week, so why shouldn't you? Check out some of our fine sales professionals in their own video to help give you some inspiration:

You may find yourself asking, okay, that's great and all—but how can I apply it to real estate? Never fear, this challenge was made for real estate! Not only does participating in this challenge highlight you as "in the know," but also as an advanced social media marketer who's able to connect with your audience on their level. Sometimes to stay relevant, you have to swallow your pride and participate in the latest social trends to show your audience you're willing to go the extra mile for them! Read more on the next page to see how this challenge can help you.

Show Off Your Listings

The mannequin challenge offers a super creative way to show off a special listing. Incorporate the homeowners, if they're still in the house, to film the perfect video. If they have a to-die-for kitchen or maybe an open concept layout that will have buyers swooning, show it off!

Use this time to create a scene your prospective buyers will love–entertaining in their new home! Have someone in the kitchen preparing a meal (might want to film around meal time, hint hint), someone engaging in a conversation, someone pouring a beverage, folks generally enjoying the layout of the house and inviting the possibility of homeownership to your audience.

  • Pro Tip: The more participants you have, the better! Get the neighbors, super obedient pets, or even some of your favorite contractors while they're photographing the house.

Even if showing off your listings isn't a possibility, there is still fun to be had in participating in the mannequin challenge. Get your office mates involved, or even your friends and family. If your office has a bagel Monday or a potluck Wednesday, show off your company culture and folks frozen while dressing a bagel, pouring coffee, or catching up. The possibilities are endless, and I'm positive your clients and audience will appreciate the laugh!


So you finally secured a location and convinced folks to participate in the Mannequin Challenge–how can you get this content seen (and make it work for you)? One answer: hashtags! This challenge has FLOURISHED on Instagram and Twitter because of the use of hashtags. It makes the content more searchable, and categorizes it along with all of the other content associated with that hashtag. For more help on hashtags, or even what else to include with your #mannequinchallenge hashtag, check out my cheese-tastic video!

So get out and have some fun with this challenge! We would love to see your content. Tag us at @HomesPro on any social site so we can follow along on your #MannequinChallenge adventures!

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