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What's the Best Day to Call Expired Listings?

November 29 2016

There was a juicy little nugget of a marketing idea in a video we posted earlier this week. Did you catch it?

Real estate coach Tom Ferry noted that there are "more expireds, more cancels, and more withdrawns than we've seen in quite some time." He attributes this to the "malaise" of the holiday season and the "craziness" and uncertainty of this month's presidential election.

That means there's no better time to call expireds than now!

To help you take advantage of this upswell in potential clients, we turn to Realtor Loida Velasquez. In the video above, Loida offers her trick to calling expireds--and it's all in the timing. Loida prefers to call expireds on a certain day of the week that she's discovered has a) less competition from other agents, and b) leads that are more likely to answer the phone and be open to a friendly conversation.

Check out the video above to discover which day is the best for calling expireds. Then, watch this video of a real phone call to an expired listing. You'll see how Loida handles the homeowner's objections and successfully books an appointment!

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