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Fill Your Plate with Social Media Advice

November 22 2016

hdc fill place social advice

It's that time of year again: beautiful birds are dressed up for the table and some of your relatives are little more "free range" than you like to admit. We're no stranger to the stresses the holiday season inevitably brings: planning the perfect menu, negotiating which sports will be watched (and on which TV), and keeping the peace at the family table are just a few of the obstacles headed our way.

This post is just about that: managing holiday stress, avoiding faux pas, achieving overall good manners, and how you can come out on top in spite of it all! So tuck that tablecloth into your shirt, pilgrim, and let's dive in!

Overdone Turkey

There's nothing worse than an overly dry turkey (unless you're a gravy aficionado, then carry on), but a dry turkey after practically starving yourself all day in anticipation of the greatest feast of the year? Only to be let down? Nope.

A dry turkey lacks flavor, color, and happiness; don't let your content strategy end up like that–keep it fresh and lively! Don't let it get dry by relying solely on your listings. Take advantage of the spirit of the season: try veering away from real estate and focus on local events like fun charity/volunteer opportunities, holiday light celebrations, or even your own office fun. Trust me, this doesn't hurt you—it will only help!

Be a local resource for your audience, someone they can come to for more than great listings, such as hot real estate tips and in-the-know local happenings. And don't forget to toot your own horn this time of year—you worked hard for it! Follow up with past clients and post how happy they are to be in their new homes during the holiday season–it's a win-win for everyone.

The Sassy Family Member

Keeping that sassy aunt or cousin in check can be a chore, as can managing your online reputation during the holidays (and everyday). The spirit of the season calls for us to be "thankful" on Thanksgiving, even for the folks that left you a bad review for whatever reason.

Keep the negative reviews at bay by acknowledging their presence and working to correct the situation. Whether it's a bad review or even a "dicey" comment on one of your status updates, don't avoid it, answer it. And please, don't throw the sass back.

A Thanksgiving Essential Is Missing

I Googled "Thanksgiving essentials," and saw quite an impressive list of turkey, greens, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, pies, the list goes on. (And now I'm hungry.)

Did anyone have that year where an essential dish was missing, and your family let you have it? I did. It was terrible. But much like a missing casserole, rollin' around social media with missing profile information is a travesty of its own! Think about the tragic implications that empty profile could have on your business. Your social sites should ALWAYS point folks to where they can find your beautiful listings, or even call you directly to schedule an appointment.

Give your social sites a once-over and make sure you're putting your best foot forward.

Biting Off More than You Can Chew

It's Thanksgiving–a giant feast where we all get dressed up to have dinner. (You know I'm right!) But during that feast, you also need to be polite, and you can't get caught biting off more than you can chew. Biting off more than you can chew is quite literal and proverbial. Don't get caught getting overwhelmed with the social media landscape. It's a lot to handle: remembering to post, which listings, finding something fun, etc. The best piece of advice I can offer is to go mobile and incorporate your daily life into social media.

What do I mean by that? Download your favorite social apps to your phone and get in the habit of posting on the go; don't be tethered to your desk. Take pictures of beautiful scenery in the areas you service; keep it real! If you like it (and it's applicable to your business), post it: fun local events, local pictures, you name it. Don't let social media get the best of you. Remember to keep it light and everything will fall into place.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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