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5 Amazing Proverbs on Business Insight

November 13 2016

lwolf 5 Amazing Proverbs 1

Running a business is like flying a plane.

You're the pilot. You're trained, experienced. And you've got dozens or hundreds of people on board putting their future in your supposedly capable hands.

You're responsible for these people (not to mention yourself!), so you need to know what's going on with your plane at all times. Any failure on your part might have serious consequences for yourself and many others. That's a lot of pressure!

Let's check out some relevant proverbs on business insight and see how they might help relieve some of this pressure!

1. Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped – Africa

lwolf 5 Amazing Proverbs 2

Meaning: Do not look at the effect of your action, but the cause.

What this means to you: It's easy to look at the results of your business mistakes and be critical. But it's also pointless. Everybody fails. It's more important to look at why you failed than what happened afterwards. Chances are, you'll learn something valuable that will prevent you from making the same mistake in the future.

2. To shoot a second bolt to find the first – The Netherlands

lwolf 5 Amazing Proverbs 3

Meaning: Don't repeat a mistake to cover up a mistake.

What this means to you: Don't double down on a poor business decision. If you've erred, it is better to cut your losses and find the right way to do things.

3. There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out – Russia

lwolf 5 Amazing Proverbs 4

Meaning: Nobody knows everything. But everybody can learn.

What it means for you: You can't be expected to wake up one morning and know everything about your business.

But that doesn't mean you can't find out. There is a wealth of data produced as a result of every real estate activity that, when channeled through a full-powered back office solutionfull-powered back office solution, is available for your analysis in real-time. This data can tell you everything from agent net worth to the number of deals in the pipeline to how much cash you actually have—right now. As a real estate broker, this information may not be always be known to you—but it can be discoveredcan be discovered.

4. Little by little you fill the sink, and drop by drop you fill the barrel – Catalonia

lwolf 5 Amazing Proverbs 5

Meaning: Success comes with every additional achievement.

What this means to you: If you don't have immediate returns, be patient. Build your brokerage the right way and success will come with every new agent, every new lead, every transaction.

5. A wall with cracks will soon collapse – The Netherlands

lwolf 5 Amazing Proverbs 6

Meaning: A weak structure will not last the test of time.

What it means for you: Above all else, you need to build a brokerage on solid ground. What this entails is an information technology infrastructure that enables your business to process transactions, track and manage agents, ensure file compliance and give you the ability to grow when the time comes. Without this infrastructure, the walls of your brokerage will not be strong enough to survive the figurative onslaught of data that business brings.

As a real estate business owner, there's a good chance that you've been in situations where these proverbs apply. If they resonate with you, then check out some videos of our back office solution herehere. You can get insight into your agents and financials and build your brokerage to last.

Have any other awesome business proverbs you'd like to share? Add them in the comments below!

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