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Google+ Quick Start Guide for Real Estate Agents: Circles

July 28 2011

This is the second part of a series from the IMSD blogIMSD blog.

In our second free real estate training video on Google+, we'll cover the concept of Circles.  What are they? How do they work? Who should be in these circles? 

Think of circles like high school.  You had different groups in high school... the athletes, the band, the drama club, and the people that you said hello to in the halls, but you don't want to know much more than that about them.   Google+ Circles makes it easy for real estate agents to place people into different groups.

Think about some groups... your family, your buyers, your college friends, or any other way you sort your friends.  This video will walk you through this important second step in setting up Google+ for your real estate business.  At the end, you'll understand how your conversations will be funneled through Google+ in a way that eliminates "noise", both for the speaker and the listener.

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Ben Kinney & the IMSD Team