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Google+ Quick Start Guide for Real Estate Agents: Stream and Sparks

July 28 2011

This is the third part of a series from the IMSD blogIMSD blog.

Step three in our Google+ Quick Start guide for real estate agents actually covers two concepts; Google+ Streams and Google+ Sparks.

Watch the six-minute Google+ for Real Estate video now.Watch the six-minute Google+ for Real Estate video now.

Google+ Streams
Real estate marketing and social media turned a new corner with the release of Google+.  Just as you got the hang of Facebook and its implications on your business, along comes a potentially huge new player in the game.  Google+ Streams has a very similar feel to to the conversations real estate agents have been having in Facebook.  You can post comments, reply to things your friends say, and share all sorts of information such as listing photos, property videos, real estate website links, and your location.

The main difference that Realtors will notice is the ability to control which CirclesCircles of acquaintances receive their social media postings.  Google+ developed a very elegant way for users to organize their contacts that Facebook never quite accomplished.

Google+ Sparks
The Sparks feature in Google+ is the newest way to create your own custom news feed.  Whether the topics you are passionate about are real estate marketing or NFL injury reports for fantasy football, the Google search engine will feed up recent and relevant search results for you.

Are you using Google+ yet?  Let IMSDIMSD know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ben Kinney & the IMSD Team