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Capture Homeowner Attention in 80 Characters or Less

rpr homeowner attention 1jpg

If Facebook is part of your integrated marketing approach, as it should be, then adopting these simple lead generation techniques could be the key to earning high quality leads from potential sellers.

While most of us consider longer Facebook posts to be perfectly acceptable, the reality is that posts with fewer than 80 characters receive 66 percent more engagement. Better yet—for those of us daring enough—posts with less than 40 characters earn 86 percent more engagement, according to Compare those counts to Twitter's 140 character limit.

Yet, using 80 characters or less to capture the attention of would-be sellers is not as difficult as one might think. Sometimes, it's merely a matter of switching up a few standards in our ad copy wheelhouse.

For example, did you know that simply changing your post from A) "Find out what your home is worth. No obligation home estimate" to B) "Thinking of selling? First find out what your home is worth" could dramatically increase traffic to your home valuation landing page? The difference is that scenario A invites curiosity seekers who might find it fun to learn what their home is worth but are far from ever listing. These are the same folks who click on "What personality type are you" and "What celebrity you were you in your past life" style of posts.

Target audience B could be called our "serious potentials." Homeowners who have an inkling about selling but haven't yet contacted a Realtor or have merely dabbled in consumer facing websites to determine their home's value. Therein lies your greatest sphere of influence, and where RPR's data and reports are your most valuable assets.